From quick little quanta to great galactic super-clusters, everything is in relationship.  We exist only in relation to a greater whole.  Nothing exists in isolation.

Today, we are becoming increasingly aware of how our local connections function as nodes in a global nexus.  Each of us is enmeshed in familial, social, political, economic, and ecological relationships.  Ironically, our most obvious relationship is the one most overlooked: how we, as living beings, depend on our environment.

Relationships are everywhere.  Indeed, Quadernity reveals that relationships are everything!

On the surface, relationships appear unique; however, with deeper investigation we discover that all relationships have the same dynamic at their core—the universal complementary processes of entwined “Female” and “Male” partners.  This blog-book describes that primordial, cosmic dynamism at the heart of all relationships.

As the preeminent metaphysical poet, John Donne said in 1624:

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

When we place relationship itself, rather than a specific relatum, in the cross-hairs of our investigations, an integral truth appears: Even as we evolve and participate in ever-greater complexities, we are composed of smaller and simpler parts.  Life loops through myriad dimensions and time frames without ever reaching a pinnacle or nadir.  Just as humans affect and abide by the Earth’s ecosystems, microbes affect and abide by the ecologies hidden within and upon our human bodies.  Without a universal dynamic to seamlessly span the infinity of scales, there could be neither organisms nor organizations of any kind.

Quadernity: A Universal Process

Quadernity© offers a paradigm-shifting perspective on all kinds of relationships—from family kinships and romantic bonds to the interdependence of mind and body, and how the tiniest “micro” relates to the largest “macro” throughout the universe.

Most of us are identified with a particular body and a personal mind, both of which are multi-dimensional.  Physical embodiment is detectable across countless scales, from particles to cells to living entities and their ecologies, and further still, to the vast cosmic structures.  Consciousness also exists on a spectrum—from deep unconsciousness (e.g., anesthesia, coma) to sparkling enlightenment (e.g., Buddha or Jesus).  In Quadernity, the human spectrum of consciousness includes three main distinctions: Our instincts and biological functions are unconscious; our impressions and impulses are subconscious; and our intentions and intellectual reasoning are actively conscious. Beyond the range of our personal consciousness lies super-consciousness, or collective consciousness, from which our individual minds are “mine-d.”

Our bodies and minds are inextricably integrated: The fundamental mind-body dynamic—of conscious-corporeality (or corporeal-consciousness, if you prefer)—is an irreducible unit from which all enduring entities/systems develop, and by which they communicate and evolve.

Physical corporeality OUTforms fractally.
Metaphysical consciousness INforms holographically.

Our conundrum—a perennial problem in science and philosophy—has been to discover definitively the roles metaphysical consciousness plays in the organization, interactions, and emergent properties of physical phenomena, and vice versa.

To fulfill our intellectual and soulful wish to understand how mind and body function coherently in the universe, Quadernity provides models that map out how, at every scale, intersubjectivity (collective consciousness) informs all physical objects embodied and embedded in space-time.  Metaphysical patterns in consciousness inevitably inform physical patterns of energy throughout the cosmos.  In short: intersubjectivity informs interobjectivity (and vice versa).  Collective consciousness directs the flow of matter/energy on its long evolutionary journey, and, in turn, physical objects and events inform the contents of consciousness.

A Welcome from the Author

Thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting!

Geometric proportions, symbolic colors, powerful numbers and playfully coined words flood my daily morning meditations.  The vivid visions first appeared one early spring morning in 1999, only days after comparing and contrasting the creation stories of the Tao Te Ching and the Bible’s “Book of Genesis.”  Each book, in starkly different terms, described how something comes from “nothing.”  I was captivated and could not shake the feeling that the two tales were disguising a single truth that would be revealed if only the stories were properly decoded.  Apparently, my quest for the sacred secret initiated my morning visions.  Imagine that!

Having neither a religious background nor an academic education, I was unprepared for the mysterious murals that were appearing in my dreams.  Turning to the works of philosophers and physicists, mystics and mathematicians who had pursued the same unknown, I was surprised that both ancient wisdom teachings and cutting-edge scientific discoveries affirmed my intuited interpretations.

Intrigued and encouraged, I gave myself completely to the curiously compelling process of receiving and documenting the lessons of what would, years later, be named Quadernity©.  The path onto which my life had veered so unexpectedly has blessed me abundantly with opportunities for self-discipline, duty, and delight.

I encourage you to apply what you discover here to enhance and empower your own life.

Answers always await our carefully formed and firmly held questions.  I offer the following Q&A in advance of your journey.  With this brief preparation, you are invited to explore with me the world of “Quadernity.”  As an intuitive logician, I will share my process of discovering Quadernity, and explain how to use it as an exquisite tool of logic. The deeper we dive into both the art and science of Quadernity, the greater the rewards!

Peace and Warmest Regards, Devi

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name “Quadernity” mean?

Our universe is the offspring of two parents. The Father gives structure to the Mother’s substance. The Mother makes the Father’s patterns matter.

Though they share the same Latin roots, our English words hide in plain sight the everyday relationship of our primal Parents.

working-keynote-58-001Matter makes Patterns visible, and Patterns make Matter meaningful.

Without beginning or end, the interceptions and interactions of our coupled agents—our cosmic parents “Father” and “Mother”—INform and OUTform our universe.  Therefore, the term “eternity” rounds out our new-fangled word.
Version 2Paraphrased from the Great Announcement, an ancient Gnostic text, the following tells of the co-emergence of the original originators, who are archetypally Female and Male:

Of the universal Æons there are two growths, without beginning or end, springing from one Root …
the Great Power, the Universal Mind [Nous], a male ordering all things …
and the Great Thought [Ennoia], a female producing all things.

What is the difference between “Quadernity” and a Quadernity Model?

As a noun, “Quadernity” encapsulates into a singular element the essential dynamics inherent in everything, everywhere.  As a moniker, ‘Quadernity’ specifies the principle that a fabric of inter-woven physical and metaphysical relationships constitutes what is “realized” (as consciously interpreted) and what is “actualized” (as substantively structured).

Quadernity models are like maps.  They provide a visual orientation of feedback between physical OUTformation and metaphysical INformation.  These motivationally opposed, yet splendidly balanced, inverse processes involve untold nuanced and largely unnoticed alliances, which conjoin the familiar domain of the corporeal to the mystical domain of consciousness.

As we proceed through the chapter essays, we will want to emphasize, clarify, or highlight specific aspects of Quadernity.  For different perspectives of Quadernity, we will alter how it is visually represented; however, despite the unique vantage points the various versions offer, there is only one Quadernity.  Its multiple models reveal no functional discrepancies whatsoever.

These and other questions about Quadernity will be answered throughout this blog-book:

  • How did it come about?
  • What are its features?
  • What practical use can we make of it?
  • How does it align with scientific, philosophical, and religious scriptures?
  • Can it be represented mathematically?

How can Quadernity reveal what other methods of investigation have missed?

In physics, the typical approach of reductionism is to seek the smallest possible particle common to all measurable matter.  Even if success were to be declared, it would be overridden by the continued failure to address how it is that elementary particles interrelate to produce emergent phenomena—for instance, water molecules themselves are not wet, and yet, put lots of water molecules together and the property of wetness emerges.

In reverse, if we were to take apart all the wires, chips, and other pieces from our smart-phone, we could not derive from those separated parts the time of day, a weather forecast, or directions from where we are to where we wish to go.  When it comes to the complexity of living systems and the capriciousness of self-conscious observers, we simply cannot expect the molecules in our cells, or synaptic firings between nerves, to tell us how or why they do what they do when they are in relationship.  And never mind enigmas like synchronicity, the power of prayer, spontaneous healings, intuition, the calculations of savants, and any ability considered psychic; these are “off the table” when it comes to science!

Currently, it is scientific protocol to dismiss that which is immeasurable, incalculable, or untestable.  Through the lens of Quadernity, we recognize the hindrance of such a habit.  Our world is a hierarchy of interlocking feedback systems with infinite degrees of sensitivity and fortification.  Until we understand both the overt (physically discrete) and the covert (metaphysically discreet) worlds, and how they inter-relate, pivotal issues of our day will remain unresolved.

The dynamism modeled by Quadernity offers an explanation for how discrete parts on one scale can co-function as an integral whole on a scale above; this proceeds layer after layer, scaling from micro to human to macro.  When we understand the one dynamic at play in every intersection, the staggering reach of our interconnectedness is less mystifying, and less overwhelming.

What is the moral imperative of Quadernity?

Knowledge of Quadernity empowers us to effect radical healing in our bodies and in relationships of every scale, from quantum to personal to cosmic.  In any ailing entity/system, its first fault will be a relationship issue—a breakdown in critical feedback between the system’s own hierarchically arranged scales.  If the essential feedback oscillations that conjoin contiguous levels throughout the hierarchy become discordant, that imbalance echoes throughout the entity/system.  When pronounced or persistent, symptoms of this imbalance serve as warnings of a possible systemic breakdown.

Through the lens of Quadernity, we come to understand the dynamic root of all relationships. Thus, we are able to detect and correct imbalances at the first fault—an exponentially more effective strategy than attempting to suppress widespread surfaced symptoms.

As we begin to “Q up” (queue up) our personal questions and collective conundrums in the light of Quadernity, our fresh perspectives will likely spark revolutionary new hypotheses and instigate new avenues of research.  Quadernity offers a vocabulary that can bridge common interests between disparate fields of research: psychology, sociology, information theory, complexity, politics, economics, ecology, medicine, and life sciences, to name a few.

When we ponder the miracle of our bodies, comprising 100 trillion cells that behave variously and integrally as functionaries of our entire being …
When we wonder how our individual thoughts and memories might influence the collective consciousness, or vice versa …
When we grapple with the quandary of how our subjective mind integrates with our objective body …
When we intuit an interconnected intelligence that both defines and unifies every entity …
And when, amidst an onslaught of minutia, we feel compelled to fulfill a purpose far beyond our own self-interests …
… we are not alone.

We are here to find each other, heal our hurtful relationships, and expedite the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Secrets that have been hiding in plain sight bring us closer to unlocking our human potential.  Quadernity opens a portal to an advanced paradigm.


Please next visit the Site Orientation (clickable link will take you to the landing page of this unit), which describes how this online book is organized and offers a suggestion about how to best read the site for maximum comprehension.  Included in the orientation are short descriptions and estimated reading times of each unit and their included chapters.  Also found there is the necessary legalese: copyright information, a statement regarding credits, disclaimers, etc.

4 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. “100 trillion, collective consciousness, how our subjective mind integrates with our objective body, interconnected intelligence, fulfill a purpose far beyond our own self-interests ” all resonate with me.
    Buddy James was using Quadernity on a call Saturday. Has he adopted the term from you? Do you care that it’s being used without due credit, or happy at the spread this intuited concept?

    • I did not hear his talk, but it’s possible he said “quaternity” which is a word in the public domain. If he used the term “Quadernity” in its proper context, credit would be expected and appreciated.

  2. For so long I have known that studying just physics or the sciences is only studying just a small part of the whole–that the whole is there as a process/pattern in a sense. I knew that there was a larger picture but was not able to see that larger picture or see how it all fits together. I now see that Quadernity congeals and crystallizes into a holistic picture that shows me, very clearly, the whole cycle of process of the mother (waters, medium of potential), the father (the crystallizer, the perturber), the matter (precipitation), and the pattern (fractal expression) are together the quad cycle that brings the whole cycling process together. I see this quad-cycle being applied to all things physical and metaphysical. I see the wave cycles emanating throughout the entire universe from our atoms, biological, organic, planetary, solar system(s), to all the galaxies, and throughout the entire universe. We are a microcosm within a larger wave cycle. I am looking forward to doing more reading and talking. -Paul

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