An Unreasonable Event

I have never been one who is given to superstitions, more to reason. However, by the time I reached my 30s, I had had some very unreasonable personal experiences–the effects of which far outreached what most would consider common causality. I began to recognize that beyond ordinary physicality was an intriguing meta-physicality. (‘Meta’ means beyond.)

One of those experiences occurred when I was playing on the bed with my young daughter. We were tickling and squirming and laughing when she accidentally slipped off the bedside, just beyond my grasp. I helplessly watched as she bumped her mouth on the bed-frame. Instead of screaming, she just looked up at me, as if startled but not hurt. Immediately, my lip began to swell. The swelling lasted for hours, and the bruise that appeared lasted for days.

Numerous movies of late have been made about people trading places with others: an investor and a con artist, a parent and child, an unattractive young man becomes a beautiful cheerleader, etc. A character in each movie has a wish that somehow defies impossibility, and comes true. On that day, my wish to take back the consequences of my daughter’s fall came true. It was as if our lips traded places; her lip was absolutely fine, and mine sustained the injury. How could that be explained by physical causality? I wanted to know the reason for this seeming impossibility.

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