Aside: Current Event Links

This is by no means a comprehensive listing.  It represents a few top news stories that reflect our imbalances, whose root causes can be traced to an insidious conditioning in favor of patriarchal rule.

The bold underlined words are active links to websites with full stories.

Regarding unfair treatment of women:

Women continue their fight for equal pay for equal work, while the male-dominated Congress repeatedly refuses their reasonable requests. 

Women must fight for insurance coverage for reproductive health, while insurance companies gladly pay to help men improve their erections.

Regarding unfair treatment of blacks:

When blacks commit crimes, they are far more likely to go to prison than a white man who commits the same crime.  In prison, they are allowed to be put to work at slave wages.

When police are caught on camera killing unarmed or disarmed blacks the police are acquitted of wrong-doing, not to mention murder.  When blacks, reasonably angered and desperate, took to the streets in protest, they were linked to terrorists because a deranged army-trained sniper without affiliation to the BLM movement opened fire on police at the end of their otherwise non-violent rally.

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