Aside: Four Phrases for Four Phases

In the PS below, four phrases of metaphysical conscious awareness at the human scale — I Need, I Want, I Can, I Am — align with four phases of increasing complexity of and collectives on the physical plane — Parts, Particularity, Participation and Parturient — which occur universally across all scales of physicality.

When we are in the state of “I Need” we unconsciously receive/Pull Parts to replenish resources.  And, at the other extreme, when we are in the state of “I Can”, we consciously extend/Push in Participation with others, offering whatever exceeds our basic requirements and reserves for the future.

Between the youthful Dependent in the left crescent and the mature Dependable in the right crescent, the teen Transitions.  The teen who craves Independence is sometimes Dependent and sometimes Dependable (a little of both).

The three phases, Dependent, Independent, and Dependable can be correlated with the aspects of ourselves known as physical, emotional, and mental.

We have:

  • physical Needs for Survival,
  • emotional Wants for Satisfaction, and
  • mental Capacities to Save for the future, Solve problems and Serve others.

Beyond the triad of terms, I Need, I Want, I Can, and located outside the PS, is the spiritual Interdependent, I Am, who proficiently Self-Succeeds and provides continuity/immortality through re-creation.

These four typically misappropriated phrases, “I need” – “I want” – “I can” – “I am”, are our most compelling prayers.  To learn how vital verbiage produces personal empowerment, go to Overcoming the Otherwise, which also can be accessed under the masthead tab Practical Perspectives.

To further broaden the concepts of these four phases, which are active in singular lives and in society collectively, watch Imago and the Image of God, a three part video (each under 15 minutes) that employs the metaphor of metamorphosis in its teachings.  This video program is also found under the masthead tab Presentations.

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