Aside: Geometry of Universal Mother and Father

The Female and Male are primal forces of nature, seen in cosmic arrangements and geometrical relationships.

Female and Male in Sacred Architecture

In 1511, at twenty-seven years of age, Raphael painted the School of Athens for Pope Julius.  It depicts many of the philosophers of the day.  The rounded arches symbolized the heavens above, and the squares on the floor represented the four corners of earth.

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In the center of the painting (see enlargement to the right), Plato points toward the heavenly domain above, while Aristotle points toward the earthly domain below.  Plato believed that perfect forms (metaphysical) were never encountered by the senses (physical).  Aristotle believed that form/pattern and substance/matter are not in reality separable; for instance, one cannot separate the the table (form/pattern) from the wood (substance/matter) of which it is made.

Below are a few other examples of combining the round/curved/feminine with the angular/straight/masculine in religious and civic architecture.

UUSacredGeo copy 23.001

Round and Square in Cosmic Proportions

Assuming ancient understandings of the size of earth, the moon and the value of pi…

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…we produce in an image (below-left) two circles proportional to the earth and the moon.

In the image (below-right) a third circle is added.  The radius of the large red circle is equivalent to the radius of the earth and the radius of the moon combined.

working keynote 4,5.001 working keynote 4,5.002

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Knowledge Hidden in Plain Sight

Prehistoric knowledge of primal forces, cosmic arrangements, and geometrical relationships has long been memorialized (mostly covertly) in architecture and sculptures, music and the musical instruments themselves, metaphors and parables, fables and fairy tales, poems and songs, weavings and paintings, clothing and adornments, vessels and utensils.

Priceless wisdom was creatively preserved and passed along, right under the noses of the uninitiated, the sadistic inquisitors, and the professional expurgators whose job it was to rewrite history, as our modern day PhotoShop artists retouch portraits and corporate media spin the news.

Fantastic insights were hidden in plain sight; the common dinner plate is a fine example.  When a square is inscribed within a circle, and another circle is then inscribed within that square, the area within the white inner disc is precisely equivalent to the area of the gray rim thus constructed.  The round (feminine) lines of the circles and the straight (masculine) lines of the square may be alternated in this fashion, ad infinitum.
The alternation of round and straight lines above reflect how cyclical times occur within, and also transcend, linear times.  For instance, days and years cycle within the linear span of a human lifetime, which exists within a precessional cycle.

Here is yet another example of round-feminine and straight-masculine in common use, though not often recognized as such.  The iconographical Feminine and Masculine shapes even lurk at the core of our number system.


Zero symbolizes the shape of a bowl, vessel, or the womb.  Zero represents that which cannot yet be counted: the source/potentiality.

From the Tao te Ching:

The valley spirit never dies; it is the woman, primal mother.  Her gateway is the root of heaven [metaphysical] and earth [physical].

Paraphrased, the Feminine‘s gateway (zero) is at the root of (situated between) negative numbers (uncountable, metaphysical) and positive numbers (countable, physical).

Inventor, designer, poet, futurist Buckminster Fuller says it this way:

The vector equilibrium is the zero starting point for happenings and non-happenings; it is the empty theater and empty circus and empty Universe ready to accommodate any act and any audience.

The number One is a vertical straight line, employed to count anything that can be counted.  The Masculine ‘unit’ is arguably a phallic symbol.

Binary Numbers in Computing

A BIT is a Binary Information uniT, which has one of two values: either a 0 or a 1.  0 can mean ‘no’ or ‘off’, whereas 1 can mean ‘yes’, or ‘on’; in this way information is measured in ‘bits’.  So far, all common-use computers employ this binary structure to perform algorithms.  In the not too distant future, however, we should have computers that use QU-bits, or QUantum bits, for their calculations.  Quoted from MIT Technology Review:

Qubits use their fragile physics to do the same thing that transistors use electricity to do on a conventional chip: represent binary bits of information, either 0 or 1. But qubits can also attain a state, called a superposition, that is effectively both 0 and 1 at the same time. Qubits in a superposition can become linked by a phenomenon known as entanglement, which means an action performed on one has instant effects on the other. Those effects allow a single operation in a quantum computer to do the work of many, many more operations in a conventional computer. In some cases, a quantum computer’s advantage over a conventional one should grow exponentially with the amount of data to be worked on.

Round Space and Linear Time

None of these three terms can be defined without using the other two.

A circle can represent space, as a boundary defines inside and outside spaces.

space & time.001

A line can represent an interval of time, limited at the ends by what was before and what persists afterwards.

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If the symbol for space is a circle, and the symbol for time is a straight line, what shape would possess BOTH the spin of roundness and the span of straightness?  Fuxi and Nuwa, in this lovely sculpture, may be offering us a clue.

Astana Sculpture

Speed, movement, or change within space-time, is symbolized by the spiraling entwinement of Fuxi and Nuwa.  The spiral contains circular movement with a linear advance.

Spin and Span of Spiral Motion

Paraphrasing Newton’s 3rd Law of motion:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We typically think of these opposite actions to be in opposition directionally, or linearly.  However, the roundness of spin and the straightness of span are opposites, as well, and these motions have gender relationships.

Everything is in constant movement.  All movements are combinations of spin and span in varying degrees.  As the Mother and Father are united, everything in the universe both spins and spans.

From electrons to planets to galaxies, this is so.  Below, is an image of planets spiraling around the sun as the entire solar system spins and spans through the Milky Way.

Planet_Spirals PondscienceinstUniversal Mother and Father are coupled in a spiraling dance, dynamically spinning and spanning the space-time universe.

Spiral of Life

Tantra is a body of eastern principles, one of which proclaims that the universe we experience is a manifestation of divine Feminine energy, or prana.  Through practice, we are told, humans can intentionally channel this subtle energy through nadis, or pathways in the body, in order to raise consciousness (increase the frequencies of our emanations) for the benefits of enhanced creativity and spiritual liberation.

The three main nadis are called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.  Ida is associated with the Feminine and Pingala is associated with the Masculine.  Sushumna is the central channel, through which Kundalini moves from the base of the spine, where it lies dormantly coiled, upward until it opens the Third Eye and Crown Chakra.

In the imagery below, depicting the nadis, do you recognize the same dynamic that is represented by Fuxi and Nuwa?

pranayama-e-kundalini(1) CADUCEUS cropped ida y pingala 1

Do you recognize the caduceus symbol in the center above, which is used by the medical community still today?

The spiral design of DNA molecules, whose double-helical form was not elucidated until the 1950s by Watson and Crick, was intuited in ancient times as an archetypal symbol of life, generated by the original dynamic duo.

The double helical backbones of DNA run in opposite directions.  Between these sugar phosphate molecules, there are connections made of pairs of nucleic acids: guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T), or cytosine (C).  The A’s and T’s connect, as do the G’s and C’s.

DNA-moleculeThe structure of DNA was deduced by James Watson and Francis Crick after Watson was shown a photograph by Maurice Wilkins, who had obtained the photo from brilliant British researcher Rosalind Franklin.  It was Ms. Franklin who after 100 hours of x-ray exposure produced the diffraction image below, now known as Photo 51Without Franklin’s efforts and her photo of the DNA crystal Watson, Crick and Wilkins would not have achieved the status of Nobel Prize winners in 1962.


Fundamental Dynamic

Whatever we call the spiraling couple — Fuxi and Nuwa, Adam and Eve, yang and yin, the mythologies all refer to the same thing: the Male and Female are primal forces of nature, seen in cosmic arrangements and geometrical relationships.


The MaleFemale dynamic is irreducible; it exists at the origin of all existence.