Aside: Menu Titles with Summaries

Each masthead menu title listed below is an active link.  Should you choose to go directly to any of the units, just click the bold purple title and a worm-hole will bypass the space-time continuum and take you there immediately.

The Back Story includes a candid and intimate autobiography of my young-adult life.  Approximate reading time: 15 minutes.

As the Journey Begins you will learn how my dreams were evoked by my persistent questions and deeply held curiosity about ancient creation stories.  Also offered in this unit are asides that provide background reasoning for why Quadernity is philosophically unique.  Approximate reading time: 1 hour.

Initial Insights unfold, step-by-step, the process that revealed the original Chalkboard Model of Quadernity.  As the lessons Quadernity’s four-fold dynamism deepens, we discover its universality.  Quadernity, as a fundamental unit, underlies all entities, processes, and organizations.

This unit has five chapters, all related to the original, two-by-two model of Quadernity.  The approximate reading time for each of five chapters, including their asides, is provided:

  1. Quadrants of Creation: 25 minutes
  2. Quadrants of Information: 1 hour, 15 minutes (including 3 videos)
  3. Divine Divisions 1 hour, 30 minutes
  4. Pull * Transition * Push * Rest, Nature’s Ubiquitous Sequence: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
  5. Paradoxical Visions: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Venture forward as More Models Evolve and the dynamic deepens.  Included are chapters revealing the three-plus-one model (a.k.a. the Pragmatic Schematic), and the Cylindrical Lattice model.

Keeping precisely to the dynamics of original model, these newer models offer varied perspectives and expand the applicability of Quadernity’s postulations.

Including asides and videos, approximate times to take in each chapter is listed below:

  1. Pragmatic Schematic, 1:30 hours.
  2. The Cylindrical Lattice Model of Quadernity, 1 hour.
  3. Equivalency of Primary Models of Quadernity, 15 minutes.

Explore original drawings and calculations in Mathematical Models of Quadernity.  Containing 98% of the blog-book’s math, this unit includes narrated slide shows, tutorials and an exciting detour into magical, mystical “mythematics”. 

Quadernity’s Nature-Based Number Line is introduced in this unit.  This number line can rectify the false intuitions derived subliminally from the traditional number line, which is centered on zero with half of its integers being negative numbers.  Instead, Quadernity’s new number line evokes insights pertaining to the realms of nature and consciousness.  We wrap up where we began: with the enigmatic formula; finally it is fully comprehended as a creation story in its own right.

Chapters are listed below with approximate times for reading and viewing videos:

  1. An Enigmatic Formula Appears: 6 minutes
  2. Dual Dimensions Seen Simultaneously: 23 minutes
  3. Discovering Portals Between our Dual Dimensions: 25 minutes
  4. Detour into Magical, Mystical Mythematics: 108 minutes (includes 14 videos)
  5. Quadernity’s Nature-Based Number Line: 1.25 hours, including 3 asides
  6. Surprise! The Enigmatic Formula Was a Creation Story: ~1 hour, including two asides

A New Light on Creation will answer the deep question that instigated my morning visions back in 1999That question was, “How can creation stories of great diversity be describing the same thing — the origin of the universe, as we know it?”  The completion of this complex puzzle not only reconciles all of the Quadernity Models, it also presents a Quadernity-based, satisfyingly-scientific interpretation of the Seven Days of Creation from the Bible’s Book of Genesis.  (Under construction.)

The previously listed units tell the story of Quadernity, from its inception to its culmination.  The remaining units will support the use of Quadernity by individuals to enhance their own personal opportunities, and by those who serve the greater good by researching and teaching and working to solve problems ranging from community to planetary scales.

Because common words often have multiple meanings, some that may even seem contrary, the Essential Vocabulary offered here will insure that those who may be familiar with a word used in another context can become aware of additional etymological nuances made richly meaningful in light of Quadernity.

In Practical Perspectives individuals can discover ways to apply Quadernity in ordinary settings, from promoting personal development to solving perennial problems of global importance.  The unit’s first chapter includes a goal-setting program: Overcoming the Otherwise.  Allow 1 hour, 30 minutes of reading time, including its six asides.  (Additional chapters are forthcoming.)

In Philosophical and Scientific Contexts for Quadernity the Quadernity Models are extended specifically to scientists and philosophers to be used as lenses through which their research and professional quests can be reviewed and perhaps even reconsidered.  (Additional chapters are forthcoming.)

Spin and Span are a pair of terms to which we can ascribe (and, therefore, by which we can streamline the study of) all movement and change throughout the universe.  Shifts of all kinds are provoked by gradients of Spin and Span.  As archetypal terms, Spin and Span render nearly-synonymous countless pairs of inverse action-verbs that, otherwise, would remain conceptually unrelated.  Using these umbrella terms helps us see patterns that are generally overlooked, but profoundly meaningful in linking together the quantum scale, the human scale, and the cosmic scale. (Under construction.)

Quadernity launches the trend of untethering contests and conundrums from their typical two-quadrant polarizations and re-contextualizing them within Quadernity’s four-quadrant spectrum, from which breakthrough solutions and revolutionary discoveries will surely emerge.  Imperative for researchers in any field of study is Quadernity’s universal tool of logic.  As a three-dimensional rendition, The Manipulable Model of Quadernity is the exemplar of two decades of dream-delivered discoveries.  Both simple and elegant, it correlates cutting-edge science (from quantum to classical physics and beyond to cosmology), sacred scriptures, consciousness studies, and even the mathematics of universal patterns.  (Under construction.)

A few sample public appearances are archived in Presentations.  The programs are all video driven. Their times are listed with their descriptions on the landing page of this section.  (As time goes on, this section will be updated to stay current.)

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