Aside: Power is in the Pull

Newton’s third law states:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Chapter Five in Tao te Ching states:

The space between heaven [mingled-in potentialities] and earth [singled-out actualities] is like a bellows.

bellowsBefore a bellows compresses to Push air out, it expands by Pulling air in.

Before the universe was Pushed into existence from a point of origin, there must have been a Pull.

bellows big bang.001The Pull is the primary and causal act; the Push that follows is reactionary.

The Primordial Pull

The original Pull is the Female‘s; it is sometimes called yin, as discussed in the previous chapter.  Yang is associated with the Male‘s final Push.  The upper quadrants, as seen in the chalkboard model below, represent the metaphysical realm.  The Female Pulls from the invisible/private/esoteric metaphysical realm (ULQ) and, in return, the Male Pushes back into that domain (URQ).

The point was made in the previous chapter that it is unwise to assume that because yin is associated with the Female that all Pulls are Female.  Likewise, just because yang is Male, not all Pushes are Male.  Only in the Absolute sense, as depicted below by the Pragmatic Schematic (PS), is Pull Female and Push Male.

Within the self-perpetuating feedback system of a dynamical entity-system (shown below), both the Female and the Male Pull and Push.

Chapter Forty-Two of Tao te Ching says:

The ten thousand* things carry yin and embrace yang.  They achieve harmony by combining these forces.”


  • The ten thousand things are entity/systems, such as depicted with the PS above.
  • Carrying yin means the Subject has the potential to Pull/receive INput.
  • Embracing yang means the Subject actually Pulls.  That which gets embraced/received/Pulled is OUTput extended/Pushed by one Subject to the other.

Yin and yang are complementary forces that allow the partners to fluidly interrelate.  The couple (unified as an E/S) “achieves harmony by combining these forces.”

Pulls are primary in each sequence.  The Female cannot Pull what She Herself has Pushed, nor can the Male Pull what He has Pushed.  The potential to Pull on one level is met by something ready to be Pushed from the other level.  In alternation, the Female and Male PTPR (Pull * Transition * Push * Rest).  When we put the pair together, every Pull receives a Push and every Rest is carried over by a Transition.  Follow the sine-wave labels to see this for yourself.

Within an entity/system, both the Female and Male carry the potential to Pull what the other Pushes.  As one gives, the other receives, and then they reverse roles.

Consensual and Non-Sensual PTPR

Quadernity emphasizes symmetry, balance, and interchange between the Female and Male.  Because of this persistent alternation in feedback, there is fluidity between the physical realm of consensual reality (singled-out) and the metaphysical realm of non-sensuality (mingled-in).

In our consensual reality, we feel the PTPR of our breaths, which connect linearly, one after another.

Devi-ations Numberline Slides.001As far as the non-sensual reality goes, there is more to a breath than is palpable.  Reprinted from the chapter entitled The Cylindrical Lattice Model of Quadernity, the graphic below shows how the breathing of flora and fauna intersects with their exchange of nutrients.  Use the active link to review that chapter for a more thorough understanding.

lattice-sine-wave-15-18-004We should be careful not to constrain investigations of entity/systems to their singled-out actualities (bounded inside-space relationships) while ignoring their mingled-in potentialities (outside-space relationships).  While there can be no actuality without a potential, the potential for a Pull may not lie next to it linearly.

If our breaths were merely a linear progression, every breath (each comprising an inhalation, a Transition and an exhalation) would require a mystical jump-start prior to its inhalation.  Instead, as the Cylindrical Lattice Model showed us, a vast non-linear network perpetuates life (including the processes of breathing and metabolism) by weaving together a multi-tiered feedback mechanism of energy production and exchange.

Potential Precedes Pull

The Female is omnipotent.

Says the Upanishads:

Thou indeed art the undifferentiated first cause, the highest Prakriti.  Oh, Divine Mother!  Thou art that supreme science of power, inconceivably immense.

Before and after the Female Pulls, She is at Rest.  Before and after the Male Pushes, He is at Rest.  Before either of them Pull, the they are in a state of Rest, mingled-in.  This state, called the ground state, is quiescent, silent, still, devoid of gradients or differentials.

From that ground state, WHY does the Female Pull?

HOW does She Pull?  Surely She does not lasso something and yank it to Her.

WHAT does She Pull?  Beside Her, what was there in the beginning?

Creation stories are imaginative guesses to these perennial questions.

Tao te Ching asks us:

Can you play the role of the woman?  Understanding and being open to all things, are you able to do nothing? 

The Female is, by Her nature, “understanding and open to all things”.

The Tao te Ching, Chapter Sixty-One, further states:

The female overcomes the male by lying low.  Lying low in stillness.

Understanding, or standing-under, can, in a sense, translate to lying low.  Lying low is equivalent to carrying ‘yin’.  She lies low in stillness, the quiescence.

She carries yin by lying low; She does not have to do anything to Pull.  Being open She is “able to do nothing“.  Lying low establishes the gradient, or potential, for Her Pull.

The Female overcomes the Male, in that She Pulls before He does, and Her Pull initiates their coordinated interactions.

Does Lying Low Make the Female Open to All Things?

The green ball represents something likely to roll down from its perch.  As it does so, it releases as kinetic energy via friction.  See conservation of energy.As the saying goes,

If you find a turtle on a fence post, you know he had help.

The energy stored in the thing lifted, and later released when that thing falls, is called its potential energy.


This seems odd.  Why would the energy of having been lifted be stored in the elevated object?  How would this energy be transferred quantitatively into the object?  How would the object hold onto this extra energy indefinitely?  This is weird, right?

The object, of course, has inter-molecular forces holding all its parts/molecules in a peculiar pattern.  Some of this energy may, upon impact, transmit energy into the surface upon which it falls, or upon rolling, transmit energy to the surface upon which it rolls.  But this energy was not potential, in the sense that it had yet to be realized; this energy was actually doing something already.  It takes kinetic energy to maintain molecular bonds.

Just because the internal work being done is not noticeable to us (because we are in its outside-space), we should not presume the object’s inherent Pattern-perpetuating energy is inertly biding its time, waiting to escape the object upon some impact, or during friction.

The probability something will fall cannot be encapsulated, whereas an object precariously perched can be.  Scientists may prefer to pretend potential energy is withheld within the teetering thing until it topples, but this seems like looking under the lamp post for keys lost (who knows where) simply because the light from the lamp gives better visibility.

Although it would be more convenient for accounting purposes if a potential were a discrete/quantized thing; it is, nevertheless, meta-physical, and, therefore, not to be contained, isolated or otherwise limited.

To be clear, energy/heat will be released upon impact/compression.  The argument here is not about that so much as it is about whether the energy thus transmitted should be described as potential or kinetic.

Before we leave the topic of energy transmission, the Aside: Compression Waves is offered to describe how an impact transmits energy from the inside-space of an object, to its outside-space. 

The energy released is proportional to the impact, not to the energy it took for the object to be lifted or for it to climb.  That energy was already released/transmitted during exertion.

There is another reason that the potential/likelihood that a thing will move, fall, or slide down a slope, ought not be conflated with the the so-called potential (as in stored) energy.  If something is lying on a flat surface rather than teetering above it, it is thought to have zero potential energy, or zero potential to fall/move.  But what if the ground suddenly opens up, as it is increasingly prone to do? 

There is a second potential that needs to be teased out.  A gradient produces a proportional potential that can accelerate something from one area to another with a lower pressure.  Wouldn’t we suspect that the potential for an object to slide into a sinkhole is more likely related to the slope of the sinkhole than to some energy potential stored in the object beforehand?

As a gradient meets or exceeds an object’s inertia and overcomes its other obstacles like friction, surface tension, or an impassable barrier, that object becomes increasingly motivated to relocate to the area of attraction (according to the blue arrows in the graphics below).

By lying low, relative to all else, the Female creates a gradient, or a downward slope.

Relatively low levels, low concentrations, and low pressures are all attractors, meaning that they have the effect of attracting things toward, or into, their relative lowness.  Diffusion, for example, moves particles from an area of higher concentration to one of lower concentration.

The gradient is an attractor by which things appear to be Pulled.  When we see something falling, we assume that something (often gravity) has Pulled it.

Lying low creates a gradient that is the Female‘s ultimate receptivity (yin).  Remember, yin is applicable to the original Pull of the Absolute One.

Initially the Female openly/passively/indiscriminately receives; She does not actually Pull something in particular.

As a functionary within an entity/system (E/S) She is more selective in future iterations.  A recent article reveals how an egg chooses a sperm to fertilize it.

The Zero Point Energy field (ZPE field) is a vacuum state.  This state of lowest possible energy is omnipresent throughout the universe.  Vacuums form suctions; they Pull.  The ZPE field can be equated with the Female who is always “lying low in stillness”.

From The Gnostic Bible, edited by Willis Barnstone & Marvin Meyer:

She became the universal womb, for She precedes everything.

The ZPE field is so named because when temperature (molecular movement) has been reduced to zero, a flux of virtual particles continue to pop in and out of existence.

Charles Seife, on the Zero and Infinity of the Zero Point Field:

Particles are constantly winking in and out of existence.  The vacuum is never truly empty.  Instead, it is seething with these virtual particles; at every point in space, an infinite number are happily popping up and disappearing.  This is the zero-point energy, an infinity in the formulas of quantum theory.  When an equation has an infinity in it, physicists usually assume that there is something wrong; the infinity has no physical meaning.  The zero-point energy is no different; most scientists ignore it completely.  They simply pretend the zero-point energy is zero, even though they know it is infinite.

Virgin Birth

We return now to the question, “What does the Female Pull?” and its related question, “What is there, aside from the Female, in the beginning?”

For all of recorded history these questions have inspired stories of a virgin birth.

Tao te Ching:

Giving birth and nourishing, bearing yet not possessing, working yet not taking credit, leading yet not dominating, this is the Primal Virtue.  The highest good is like water.  Water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.

The water is Female, for it is the Female who gives birth.  Notice how other scriptures also associate the primordial Female with water:


Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters

Rig Veda:

That One breathed, windless, by its own impulse.
  Other than that there was nothing beyond.  Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning,
 with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.

The life force that was covered with emptiness, 
that One arose through the power of heat.  Desire came upon that One in the beginning, 
that was the first seed of mind.

Rig Veda tells us there was a “windless breathing”, beyond which there was nothing other than water.  Similarly, Genesis tells us that the “Spirit of God moves on the face of the waters.”  The word ‘spirit’ means ‘wind’ or ‘breath’.

In both Genesis and Rig Veda, something hovers over, or comes upon water(s).  The movement is from above, while She is below.  By the force of Her gradient this “Spirit” would naturally be attracted to the Female — to fall into Her absolute lowness.

She is aroused by the power of heat.  Heat comes from friction/compression, the movement of Spirit upon the face of the waters.  Desire comes upon HerShe is stirred.

The Zero Point Energy can be equated with the Female ‘waters’, which were “lying low in stillness”, present before Heaven (metaphysical domain) or Earth (physical domain), or even light, was created.  Because the raw/unformed Substance of the Female is the ground state, lying lowest in the universe, She is both source and solvent for those pesky virtual particles.

Scientists can bypass myriad iterative generations, going all the way down to where no particles remain, but within the fecund Female waters, the essence or initial seed of Spirit remains.

From Isha Upanishad:

That is Full, this is also full.  This fullness came from that Fullness.  Though this fullness comes from that Fullness, that Fullness remains forever full.

There is only one virgin birth because once the Male receives from the Female the “first seed of mind“, He then generates a Pattern in Consciousness that re-seeds Her raw Substance and fires up the feedback loop, the sacred marriage of the universal Mother and Father.

To illustrate what is meant by ‘seed’ and ‘iteration’ a chart is offered below.  The function that will be iterated/repeated is “seed + difference = n”.  The seed given is 1 and the difference given is 2.  The first round is not an iteration or repeat, so it is labeled round zero.  Seed 1 + difference 2 = 3, so in round zero/row ‘0’ we put a 3 in the right column.  Next, in the first iteration, or line 1, we use the first output of 3 as input.  Adding it to 2 we get 5, which is input for row 2.  Follow along to the end of the chart so the idea of an initial seed and an iterative function should be quite clear.

The first seed of mind, which came upon the waters/Female in the form of desire/heat, leads to a Virgin Birth (round zero).

working-keynote-45-002Power is always in the Pull, regardless of whether it is the Female Pull in the metaphysical domain (upper quadrants), or the Male Pull in the physical domain (lower quadrants).

Regardless of our gender, all of us have both Female and Male aspects conspiring to keep us going.

We are familiar with our own Male Pull through our receptivity to sensory input, and even with our own Male Push, which generates and memorializes Patterns in Mind.

In disagreement with yin and yang, the Female Pushes in the Public Daytime Relationship, symbolized by the lower quadrants, and the inside-space of the PS, each representing the visible/public/exoteric physical realm.  The Female Push is primarily associated with birthing babies, creating, or bringing forth something new.

Female Pulls, on the other hand, may have been recognized, but considered taboo for public discourse; for example, a woman’s orgasm pulls sperm up through her cervix.  Female Pull (yin) is most often hidden, or secreted away in what Quadernity refers to as Private Night-time Relationships (upper quadrants)

In the more universal sense, when the Female was at Her lowest or most receptive state, when all temperature/movement/energy had gone completely cold/still/dark (zero point energy field), She Pulled the seed from Spirit into Her Cosmic Womb/indescribable Tao.  From this inspiration came the one-and-only perfect Light, unlimited by perceptual observation.

When the Male/conscious mind becomes ‘low’ enough, or empty enough, to receive the fullness of the true Light, His role will be fulfilled and His consciousness resorbed into blissful Oneness.  This is the inevitable conclusion to the cycle.

Ever since that initial Female Pull, which received an imperishable seed from spirit, the Female Pulls from the Akashic Record that includes perishable seeds — those downgraded by the partiality and limitations of the Male‘s Pull.

In the Male Pulling, there is selection, whether it is recognized or not.  The Male consciousness encounters/absorbs/measures (Pulls) the world from three perspectives: the lower-self, the observer-self, and the higher-self/Soul:

  1. The lower-self habitually Pulls the same thing again and again, to recursively recreate what feels safe and secure.
  2. The observer-self may see this and choose to Pull from the Female‘s endless potentiality something new to be Created.
  3. The Soul may decide to abstain from Pulling anything, and remain at Rest in the presence of the Matrix, taking in all of Her.

Pulling perceptions is not accidental, though the act can, and often does, become automated.  As Creator-kings, such as we are, it behooves us to be mindful that what matters to us will matter for us.  If the Soul does not intervene with disciplined attention, the Observer, by default, will work slavishly for the egoistic lower-self.

Said Plotinus, in the 2nd Ennead, 9th Tractate:

There is another life, emancipated, whose quality is progression towards the higher realm, towards the good and divine, towards that Principle which no one possesses except by deliberate usage, but so may appropriate, becoming, each personally, the higher, the beautiful, the Godlike, and living, remote, in and by It — unless one choose to go bereaved of that higher Soul and therefore, to live fate-bound, no longer profiting, merely, by the significance of the sidereal system but becoming as it were a part sunken in it and dragged along with the whole thus adopted.

With deep practice, yogis learn to master what their attention Pulls into awareness.  They also learn to intensify their emanations (Pushes) with a laser-like accuracy, thereby diluting the deleterious influences that have been carelessly emanated into the Akashic Record.  By skillfully elevating their emanations to the highest vibrations, they enable epigenetic healings and produce miraculous manifestations on the physical level.

Some helpful habits may be developed immediately by any of us who care to practice.

  • By simply asking careful questions we can enhance our receptivity.
  • By meditating we become more mindful.
  • By shedding false influences, automated by the immediate interests of the lower-self, we stake dominion over our own concepts and ideations.
  • By extricating our attention from fixations of the lower-self, we enthrone our Soul Self and Rest in the state of pure potentiality, wherein shines the immortal essence of the Christ/Light.

Female Pull in Science and Philosophy

It is quite rare for a western inventor or philosopher to contemplate the Female Pull and incorporate it into his or her work; however, there are a couple of rare video clips in which inventors have, to their own amazement, discovered the significance of implosion and, due to the notion of yin as a Female quality, presumed that implosions are examples of Female power.

This first video is about a 19th century inventor named John Keely, who attempted to make a perpetual energy machine using the principles of “Feminine implosion”.  Contemporary scientist, Dale Pond explains:

Another such reference comes from Nassim Haramein:

Pond and Haramein describe the “Female implosion,” and posit it in contrast to the commonly exploited “Male explosion”.  Quadernity shows us that in the physical domain of the lower quadrants it is the Female who Pushes, or radiates energy.  Any explosion of Matter in Space is a Female Push in the lower-quadrant physical domain.

We must ask ourselves this: What was it that the Female Pulled in from the metaphysical realm that She now Pushes out into the physical domain?  She Pulled from the Male His seed, His breath/Spirit, His heat/desire, His movement/frequency/energy upon Her Waters; scriptures give us several ways of describing this initial Male contribution.

He Structures Her Substance metaphysically (Patterns are metaphysical, by themselves they occupy no space).

The metaphysical Pattern of the Father moves into the Mother, Transitions through Her, and is finally Pushed out as Patterned MatterFemale Pulls Male seed (metaphysical) which fertilizes Her egg.  The Mother Substantiates the fetus throughout gestation.  Finally, She Pushes/births a baby (genetically Patterned Matter), Her Female Object/Offspring/OUTput, into the physical realm to be re-cognized/received/Pulled by the Father who has been awaiting it’s delivery there.

There is an obvious difference between the gentle expulsion of a baby into the physical realm, where it is welcomed as a whole being, and the violent explosion of Matter, disintegrating it throughout space.  When Matter explodes, it releases its scaffold; the energy which Patterned Her Matter gets released.  In either case, it is by the Push of the Female that something arrives in the physical realm, regardless of whether its parts are integrated or disintegrated upon arrival.

Controlling Our Male Pull

Quadernity seeks to solve conundrums by looking at the crux of relationship at the core of all persistent entities/systems (E/S).

The metaphysical Female Pull is an essential component in all relationships/systems/entities and is, therefore, imperative for problem solving.  Understanding the initial Female Pull will surely evoke new lines of thinking and allow for radical new ideas to be formulated across all fields of science.  It may as well offer solutions to many of the hard problems in philosophy and consciousness studies.

All of us are empowered by purposefully regaining control over our Male Pull, intentionally setting our sensory receptors.  We can monitor where our attention (our most valuable resource) gets snagged and determine to revoke its privilege to go where there is no virtuous return on investment.

Visit: Attention as the Universal Currency.

On the world scale, we may demonstrate to our leaders that the power of our Pull is vastly more effective than Pushiness when striving for greatness.

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