Aside: Quadernity Book Units with Summaries

A persistent question and deeply held curiosity about ancient creation stories led me into a complex puzzle that took decades to solve.  Between the units In the Beginning a Question Evoked Lucid Dreams  and The Creation Stories are Reconciled After All is the Book of Quadernity, from its inception to its culmination.

The asides included in the unit In the Beginning a Question Evoked Lucid Dreams provide background reasoning for why Quadernity is philosophically unique.  Approximate reading time for this unit is two hours.

Chalkboard Models and Other Insights unfold, step-by-step, the process that revealed the original four-quadrant model of Quadernity.  As the lessons of Quadernity’s four-fold dynamism deepens, we discover its universality.  Quadernity is the fundamental unit that underlies all entities, processes, and organizations.

This unit has five chapters, all related to the original, two-by-two model of Quadernity.  The approximate reading time for each of five chapters, including their asides, is provided:

  1. Quadrants of Creation: 25 minutes
  2. Quadrants of Information: 1 hour, 15 minutes (including 3 videos)
  3. Divine Divisions: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  4. Pull * Transition * Push * Rest, Nature’s Ubiquitous Sequence: 1 hour, 45 minutes.
  5. Paradoxical Visions: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Venture forward as More Models Evolve and the dynamic deepens.  Included are chapters revealing the three-plus-one model (a.k.a. the Pragmatic Schematic), and the Cylindrical Lattice model.

Keeping precisely to the dynamics of original model, these newer models offer varied perspectives and expand the applicability of Quadernity’s postulations.

Including asides and videos, approximate times to take in each chapter is listed below:

  1. Pragmatic Schematic, 1:30 hours.
  2. Equivalency of Primary Models of Quadernity, 1 hour.
  3. The Cylindrical Lattice Model of Quadernity, 1:30 hours.

Explore original drawings and calculations in Mathematical Models of Quadernity.  Containing 98% of the blog-book’s math, this unit includes narrated slide shows, tutorials and an exciting Detour into Magical, Mystical Mythematics. 

Quadernity’s Nature-Based Number Line is also introduced in this unit.  This number line can rectify the false intuitions derived subliminally from the traditional number line, which is centered on zero with half of its integers being negative numbers.  Instead, Quadernity’s new number line evokes insights pertaining to the realms of nature and consciousness.

The unit starts and finishes with the enigmatic formula, which, when fully comprehended, is a creation story in its own right.

Chapters are listed below with approximate times for reading and viewing videos:

  1. An Enigmatic Formula Appears: 6 minutes
  2. Dual Dimensions Seen Simultaneously: 23 minutes
  3. Discovering Portals Between our Dual Dimensions: 25 minutes
  4. Detour into Magical, Mystical Mythematics: 108 minutes (includes 14 videos)
  5. Quadernity’s Nature-Based Number Line: 1.25 hours, including 3 asides
  6. Surprise! The Enigmatic Formula Was a Creation Story: ~1 hour, including two asides
  7. Unit One in Three Dimensions Correlates Phi and Pi: 1.5 hours, plus optional time to play with the model.

A New Light on Creation presents a Quadernity-based, satisfyingly-scientific interpretation of the Seven Days of Creation from the Bible’s Book of Genesis.  The translation was made possible by two decades of delving into the various Quadernity models.  (Unit landing page is available; however, chapters are under construction.)

As a three-dimensional rendition of everything learned from the complex puzzle that produced Quadernity, The Manipulable Model of Quadernity was the last to arrive.  It correlates cutting-edge science (from quantum to classical physics and beyond to cosmology), sacred scriptures, consciousness studies, and even the mathematics of universal patterns.  This unit includes the landing page that provides printable instructions as to how to manipulate the 3D Model, an aside that provides a link to access the 3D model, and another aside that gives a printable cross-reference spreadsheet of the model’s different categories of labels.

The Book of Quadernity that began with the unit, In the Beginning a Question Evoked Lucid Dreams concludes with this unit.  In The Creation Stories are Reconciled After All the original question is finally answered.  That question was, “How can creation stories of great diversity be describing the same thing–origination (at any scale, from quantum, to human, to cosmic)?”   (Unit landing page is available; however, chapters are under construction.)

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