Aside: The Holarchy

We are not static beings; we are continuously in a process of becoming ourselves.  Out beyond our persistent physicality, in our shared metaphysical environment, are the raw materials and information which re-source us, or source us again, from one moment to the next.

Look closely at the images reprinted below.  What do the murmuration of starlings, the smoke ring, and the school of fish have in common?

In the photos above, we see two dimensions, or trajectories, simultaneously.  Many individual fish populate a singular school of fish; individual birds flock together; and myriad specks of ash cluster into an intricate smoke ring.

Each photo depicts a grouping of Parts that are somehow Participating in a larger body.  How?  The formation is leaderless, and the individuals in the collective make no decisions about where they will fit within the organization.

Everything is at once singled out, as a whole in itself, and mingled in, as a part of a larger whole.


Arthur Koestler, 20th century writer, coined the phrase ‘holon’.  The suffix on means particle, as in photon, electron, pi meson, etc.  Hol is the common root of the words whole and holy.  The term ‘holon‘ refers to how a Part of something is also a whole, or Particularity unto itself; and furthermore, the Particularity Participates as a Part in a greater whole.

A hierarchy of holons is what Koestler called a ‘holarchy‘.  This may bring to mind Matryoshka dolls, stacked in layers, one outside the other, on and on.

Human scale examples:

  • A cell is a Particularity unto itself, and it is also a Part of the human.
  • A Particular person Participates in various organizations, such as families, species, communities, political parties, corporations, etc.

For simplistically visualizing ‘holons’, we will use our Pragmatic Schematic (PS) again.

As a Particularity, we are made of internal Parts (left crescent) that Pull together to function on behalf of our body, the whole in which they reside.  And, as a Particularity, we Push signals outwardly to Participate in greater wholes (right crescent).

The Particularity includes BOTH Parts and Participation, so its label is found in the central area of overlap.  Parts and Participation can be thought of as opposites.  Parts of the Particularity are inside and smaller (left crescent), while the Particularity Participates in ever greater wholes beyond (right crescent).  Therefore, Parts and Participation are in the positions of EITHER and OR.

Parturient Matrix

While a mother labors to give birth to her offspring, both she and the baby are in a special in-between zone.  The woman is between pregnancy and motherhood, and her offspring is between being a Part of the mother and being a Particular individual, him/herself.  We now can surmise that between Parts and Particularities, the ‘parturientFemale labors to deliver her offspring.

The Parturient metaphysical Matrix whence everything comes, and to which all ultimately returns, is the Mother who longs for Her Creatable Parts to become real-ized in Particular by an Informable Father.

Walter Russell channeled this statement during one of his illuminations:

Always must they be two to go opposed ways from Me and back again to Me for reborning from the other one after finding rest in Me.

The “Me” to which Russell refers is the ECP, or the immeasurable Tao, or the metaphysical Parturient Matrix, from which all things temporal emerge and back to which they return for Rest.

Beyond our physical body, beyond our emotionally-driven activities, and even beyond our mental capacity, is that which enables us to persist as a whole.

Inter-dimensional correspondence is a non-local process.  Inter-connected Participation occurs in a Space of another order, and yet, this hidden, other-worldly space is integral to the ‘holon’ and essential to its perpetuation.

That which organizes the small Particularities into a larger Particularity is invisible and yet, without it, the individuals would scatter rather than cohere into a larger whole.

The PS above provides a visual mapping of how individual, linear transmissions must occur within a transcendent realm in which they are supported non-linearly.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

A whole is more than it would, at first glance, appear to be.  In the image below, the organism (in this case an elephant) is the Particularity.  To the left are its Parts, increasing in complexity.  To the right, the organism Participates in ever greater spheres of influence.

The Parts are dependent on the organism as its environment.  However, the organism, as a Particularity, has self-centered interests and is prone to ignore the needs of its Parts unless they complain of disease or dysfunction.

Participation involves cooperation with others in something larger than oneself.  Participation can be unconscious, as the labels above indicate, but it can also be purposeful from the position of the Particularity.  Examples of intentional Participation include: local community; professional, political and religious organization(s); and planetary citizenship.

In the system depicted above, the supernova is labeled Parturient, a word derived from the Latin word, parturire, meaning ‘the desire to bring forth or produce’.

The supernova is a dying star.  In its implosion nucleosynthesis occurs, creating a cosmic recycling center.  The greatest of wholes give back the smallest of parts.

When understood in light of Quadernity, the Parturient is responsible for the continued succession of every given Particularity.

The ‘Neither’, which appears in Venn Diagrams as all of that which is excluded from the limited sets, appears instead, in the Pragmatic Schematic, as a non-linear source and sink for the linear progression that occurs within it.

Quadernity’s Parturient is the Transcendent Necessity to the Parts, Particularity and Participation happening inside it.

As an overarching environment wherein the OUTforming and INforming of Particularities transpire, the Parturient is the Female Creatable Substance/Space into whom the Male Creative Frequencies/Time have been mingled in.

The Transcendent Absolute is always in perfect balance, and as Particularities, each of us obviously has a perfect place in that harmonious whole.  In other words, we BELONG, right here and now!

It is our duty to discover how it is that we belong, how we care for our Parts, how we understand our Particular gift, and how we Participate by delivering that gift.

Making it Personal

When we witness the Participation of coordinated Parts in a greater whole, we may wonder, “In what greater whole(s) do we Participate?”

We Particular (singled-out) humans are inextricably entangled (mingled in) with an environment, which, for now, sufficiently supports us.  We are vital Parts in constant Participation (knowingly or unwittingly) with our biosphere, which, though fairly resilient, does have limits*.

*All complex dynamical systems have parameters.  Deforestation, imbalance among species, climate change, the effects of fracking, and multiple forms of pollution are among the negative impacts contributing cumulatively toward systemic instability of our biosphere.

Water begins to crystalize at 32°, not a degree before; and it vaporizes at 212°, not 211°.  Phase changes occur suddenly at critical junctures.

Entities endure only when their environments are able to re-source them, so if we want to continue as singled-out Particularities, it behooves us to purposefully and positively Participate as mingled-in Parts of an intentional movement, geared to guard our ecological environment.

Many really well-intended people operate from the notion that “to each his own”.  What happens if one intends to remain private, exclusive, or protected from others?

isolation-We are never alone.  Nothing is ever alone, even if that which links us together is invisible.

Every single thing is made of Parts and, as a Particularity, it Participates in greater wholes.

We can never withhold ourselves completely from the invisible and mysterious between-ness that facilitates beneficial coordination.

Even when we are experiencing hermit-like isolation, we are still connected in some unknown way, through what is between us.  We sub-consciously engage in feedback with that between-ness and thereby affect our group behaviors.

In a subordinate aside, Four Phrases for Four Phases, the Pragmatic Schematic represents conscious awareness at the human scale in four phrases — I Need, I Want, I Can, I Am — in alignment with four phases of developing coherence — Parts, Particularity, Participation and Parturient — which occur universally across all scales.

We are so accustomed to looking at separateness that it will take a real paradigm shift to ‘see’ the between-ness that invisibly surrounds and connects us to each other.  Let’s hear what Dr. Gabor Mate has to say about this in the film clip below:

If the doctor’s message is true, as everything in this post seems to indicate, then we would come to the conclusion that it is time to reconsider the impact that our habits and mind-sets have on society and humanity as a whole.

consumers.033We are living in very interesting times.  Changes are occurring in the between-ness, of which we know so little.

Let us inform ourselves about our inter-dimensional connectivity, and as awakened Participants practice habits of compassionate (w)holism, eventually assuming responsibility of the wise elder, the Parturient who perpetuates perfection.

When we follow our true path, our peacefulness, easefulness and usefulness feeds back to us, insuring the integrity and fulfillment of our functional fit.