Aside: The Primordial Waters

Fluid Dynamics

Of the four states of matter, only solids are not obviously under the rules of fluid dynamics.  That all depends upon scale, however.  Each of us has let sand ‘pour’ between our fingers, and we see below how solar systems in a galaxy (left) flow with the same fluid dynamics as a water molecules do in a hurricane (Katrina on right).  All Matter, it would seem, is fluid.  Matter flows — inwardly spinning and outwardly spanning.

spiralgalaxy 070529190457_Hurricane_Katrina_LG

The essential property of the primordial substance called the ‘waters‘ is fluidity — dynamical spin and span inherent in all phenomena.

The Latin words, influere and effluere, which mean ‘flowing in’ and ‘flowing out’, respectively, are at the root of such words as influence (causal agent) and effluvium (putrid waste).  The metabolic processes of individual life forms obey this same fluid dynamics — pulling in resources and pushing out waste, in recursive cycles.

Just What are the ‘Waters’?

The perennial mystery of how a perpetual dynamic can come out of a pervading stillness has solicited propositions since the beginning of recorded history.  We are examining a handful of ancient mythologies and modern day hypotheses to see what has been said about the conditions just prior to the beginning of the phenomenal realm.

What kind of fluid existed even before the heavens and the earth?

We can go ahead and rule out that these ‘waters‘ are actually the physical waters of earth.  Since the waters were first mentioned at a time when the earth was described as formless and void.  Earth could not have been a watery sphere, nor could it have had basins to contain water.

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And, although not common knowledge back then, we do know today that electromagnetic forces are required to hold an atom’s nucleus and electron(s) together, which means that the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that compose water molecules (H2O) could not have existed prior to the electromagnetic force field.

Most Common State of Matter

Before electrons and protons were linked electromagnetically, they flowed freely in a super-heated gas called plasma.  Plasma was discovered in 1879 and not named until 1927.   Even now, early into the 21st century, it is not yet common knowledge that as the fourth state of matter (in addition to solid, liquid, and gas), plasma comprises 99.99% of everything there is in the universe.

Plasma bathes the planets, the solar systems, and even the galaxies in outer space.  Plasma, because it is both fluid and found ubiquitously throughout the cosmos, is a good candidate for ‘the waters‘.

We would not be off-base to speculate that without plasma, there could be no electromagnetism.  Plasma is a conductor of magnetic fields.  Without magnetism, nothing in our cosmos would exist.  Our sun is a magnet.  Earth is a magnet.  Our cells are tiny magnets.  A magnetic field is created by electric current.

Author Steven Smith wrote in Island Universes:

Electric currents flowing through dusty plasma sustain the magnetic fields detected in stars and galaxies.

Now, as we read “the Spirit of God moved on the face of the waters,” we may attribute new meaning to each phrase: the moving Spirit of God creates a current of charges in the ‘waters‘; movement of electrical charges, in turn, produces a magnetic field.  The direction of the magnetic field runs perpendicular to the electrical current.

Because, in turn, a changing magnetic field produces voltage, which causes the flow of electric current (moving charges), electromagnetism exists as a feedback loop between electricity and magnetism.  This fact also strengthens plasma’s candidacy as the primordial ‘waters‘.

Light, the first thing created in Genesis, is electro-magnetism, or electricity and magnetism in a dynamic interplay.

Plasma Science

Hannes AlfenIn 1970, Swedish physicist, Hannes Alfven (1908-1995), received the Nobel Prize in Physics for discoveries he made in MagnetoHydroDynamics, or MHD.  Magneto stands for magnetic waves; Hydro, for water and/or fluidity; and Dynamics, for the spin and span of stuff.

Alfven says it is difficult to change the magnetic topology (geometry) of the plasma, which makes it possible to store enormous amounts of energy in the plasma’s magnetic field.   The fluid dynamics twist the field into a complex topology.  However, just like a rubber band, the field can be stretched beyond its elastic capacity.  When this happens, the magnetic field lines get stressed and break (annihilation).  When they later reconnect, an enormous amount of energy, in the form of heat or kinetic energy, is suddenly released.  Examples of this include billion-megaton explosions in the sun’s atmosphere, solar flares, coronal streamers and filaments…

rons_flare filamento3

…as well as bursts of radiation from exotic stars, and even nuclear fusion.  The potentiality for this event builds gradually and remains invisible, however the explosion of light, upon reconnection of magnetic field lines, is visible.

A common example of reconnection on earth is when air (a gas) heats up gradually and then suddenly releases lightning, and the subsequent cooling of the air creates a percussive sound-wave, known as thunder.


The Auroras, or Polar Lights, are another spectacular example of earthly plasma.

 Northern Lights

Plasma emits a color depending on the elements contained in the hot gas through which electricity passes.

Neon-Signs-RY-N-01- plasma_bulb_nightlight_additional

Female Fluidity

Ancient stories told of a watery abyss, and this may correlate with today’s knowledge of vacuum energy in which virtual particles are in flux.

We do not need to decide, as a matter of fact, whether the ‘waters‘ actually refers to our common H2O or plasma, or the Zero Point Field, or a void, a vacuum, Chaos, or a feminine womb.  We simply want to get a feel for whatever it is that all these phenomena have in common — that special something that links them all under a heading called the ‘waters‘.

Fluidity seems to be the essential property of this mysterious primordial substance, and we find fluidity to be present in all phenomena and dynamic enterprises.  Everything flows; nothing is static.

The ‘waters‘ spin and span, according to fluid dynamics.  And everything made of the ‘waters‘ and residing in the ‘waters‘ possesses this dynamic flow.