Aside: Unfolding and Enfolding

Atoms unfold from within a sea of subatomic particles to be enfolded into molecules.  Molecules unfold amidst countless atoms and are enfolded within cells.  Cells unfold from the diverse molecules to be enfolded in bodily tissues.  Organ systems unfold from these tissues and are enfolded in the whole organism of a living creature.

In every moment, we living beings are unfolding from the transcendent biosphere, or web of life, and enfolded in the Eternal Comprehensive Perfection.

What is unfolded, is enfolded, like a wave crashing on the shore is ineluctably resorbed into the body of seawater, whence it came.

oceanwaves_1412011The sea transcends and includes the waves, which unfold as they rise and fall within it.

The ocean waves are made of salty seawater, however, they are temporarily differentiated from the sea, as defined by a specific form and behavior.  At the shoreline, the ocean reclaims the wave’s watery substance; the sea and its rhythmic tides are thus reintegrated.

Says Walter Russell:

Waves which spring from the static ocean surface toward crests and troughs do not unite to reproduce another wave; they withdraw into the ocean surface.

Each wave is new; it is not a repeat of a prior wave.  Every moment is new; what we unfold is up to us.

As we unfold an impression in the forefront of our mind, its background remains enfolded in the recesses of our mind.

The things we observe are momentarily singled-out from a background that contains all the things that we could possibly observe but do not.  The unselected potentiality remains for that moment mingled-in, undifferentiated.

As the Tao te Ching says:

Having and not having arise together.

Whatever we have made of ourselves, all other possibilities remain.  Our well-worn paths will fork off into a new direction whenever we choose.