The Chalkboard Quadrants: Divine Divisions

The terms, ‘male’ and ‘female’, are commonly used to indicate complementary attributes of life forms which enable sexual reproduction.  In the two circuits below, we see that flowering plants and coniferous trees have both sexual functionaries (male/pollen and female/ovum), which diverge from their parent plant (top of circle) and converge to create a new generation (bottom of circle):

 399px-Angiosperm_life_cycle_diagram.svg f-d_72f8cd5229dc9d55c1b253e2f0ee1c57ee2880dd13867f2bbc6cb7f2+IMAGE_THUMB_POSTCARD+IMAGE_THUMB_POSTCARD.1

Link to May 9, 2019 article in Nautilus Magazine, Tantalizing Creatures with Male and Female Genes: Gyandromorphs overturn traditional theories of sexual development.

‘Male’ and ‘female’ are used suggestively to describe opposite features of even non-living things, such as plugs and outlets in electronics:

$(KGrHqUOKiME4q(lI2skBONfjSy0NQ~~0_35The puzzle pieces below connect in a way that might anthropomorphically be described as male and female:

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.07.10 PMObviously, the terms, ‘female’ and ‘male’, are employed in various contexts; therefore, they do not exclusively indicate the biological reproductive capacities of an individual person or animal.

My brilliant friend, Napi, suggested I employ color-coding to help readers distinguish the Universal Female and Male from the many ways the terms, female and male, show up in our verbiage, processes, and mythologies.  From here forth, we will use this color-coding:

Green is for Female, as Mother Earth
Blue is for Male, as Father Sky

Chalkboard Visions 23-39.012Throughout this site, when we see the capitalized and color-coded terms, Female and Male, we will recognize that they do not signify a female or male person, per se; rather, the capitalized terms refer to the archetypal qualities reflected universally, whether by forces, mechanisms, principles, or when personified by mythological characters.  The processes, including the actions and output, of the Female and Male shall also be color-coded.

The Dual Processes: OUTformation and INformation

From the first visions, Quadernity revealed itself in divisions.  The inverse, complementary processes of Creation/OUTformation and INformation include four quadrants, upper and lower, and right and left.

Please use the following links to Essential Vocabulary’s special definitions: Feedback of INformation and OUTformation and Subjectivity and Objectivity.

We learned that Subjects (left quadrants) are at the cause of actions, Creating/Outforming (LLQ) or INforming (ULQ), and that Objects (right quadrants) are effects of the actions which produce them.

In this chapter, we will explore the metaphysical and physical domains, represented in the graphic below by the upper and lower quadrants, respectively.

The diagonal arrows in the graphic above connect the dual domains.

The Subject-Object polarities of OUTformation are Female in nature, and by function.  The Creatable Mother‘s process flows diagonally from the metaphysical/dark/hidden/private domain (Upper Left Quadrant) to the physical/light/visible/public domain (LRQ).  The Female‘s output is Informative physical embodiment, or Created physical Matter.

The Subject-Object polarities of INformation are Male; the INformable Father‘s process proceeds diagonally from the physical domain of sensory stimuli (LLQ) to the metaphysical domain of memories (URQ).  The Male‘s output is Creative metaphysical Patterns, or Informed enmindedness.

Our primal Subjects have been depicted and mythologized since ancient times.

Mother-Matter and Father-Pattern

Marie-Louise von Franz, foremost student of Carl Jung, states in Psyche and Matter:

[T]he concept of matter [physical] derives from the archetype of the Great Mother. …

The archetype of the Father, that is, of the mind [metaphysical], is the polar opposite.

The great lovers shall not be rent asunder; nor may physical Matter be divided from its metaphysical Pattern.

Idealist philosophers deny Matter/Mother altogether, though not their ideas of Her.  Materialists, who continue to exploit Mother Nature, use their Conscious Minds to determine that their Minds emerge only when Matter has become sufficiently complex.  Neither of these positions will win, for they are both imbalanced, giving all the glory to either the Male or the Female, but not both together.

The essay, Philosophies and Non-Duality, explores why the Divine may divide into the MaleFemale duality.

The Mother and Father, as a dynamic duo, represent the essential binary complements at the core of every relationship and are, therefore, fundamental to every entity or system, regardless of scale.

Public and Private Relationships

The Female and Male relate to each other in the so-called Earthly and Heavenly realms.

The aside, Geometry of Universal Mother and Father, will be especially meaningful now. 

Mother, Creatable Subject, OUTforms Matter, Objects of Corporeality that are publicly observed on the Earthly realm (lower quadrants, as seen below).

Mother is INformer who OUTforms
(provides Creatable Matter for)
Physical Corporeality

Father, Informable Subject, INforms, Patterns of Consciousness that privately enter into the Heavenly realm (upper quadrants), a.k.a. the Akashic Records, otherwise known as the Collective Unconscious.

Father is Creator who INforms
(gives Creative Pattern to)
Metaphysical Consciousness

The terms ‘Heavenly‘ and ‘Earthly‘ denote the minimally essential, interrelated realms required for any relationship.  These contiguous dimensions, along with their dual, co-operative and co-dependent Subjects and Objects, are fundamental to any enduring entity/system (E/S).

Here is colorful aside, offered to provide extra insights about why Patterns Matter.

Public/Visible and Private/Invisible Relationships

The Male and Female are engaged in two different relationships, as indicated by the black stars on each of the two contiguous levels/dimensions/domains in the graphic below.

chalkboard-visions-42-001The physical realm (lower quadrants) contains discrete Material/quantifiable/OUTformed Objects of Corporeality, and the metaphysical realm (upper quadrants) contains discreet Patterned/qualifiable/INformed Objects of Consciousness.

Essential Vocabulary offers a comparison of the terms discrete and discreet.

Nikola Tesla said:

The day science begins to study non-physical [what I am calling metaphysical] phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Within the Earthly, or physical dimension:

  • The Female Object and Male Subject are singled-out/differentiated; there is relativity.
  • In their public day-time relationship, Mother Earth overtly displays discrete sensuous output/Matter (LRQ) as Informative input for Her partner, the Informable Subject (LLQ).
  • The Male Subjective-Mind is receptive/Informable, and the Female Objective-Body is expressive/Informative.

Within the Heavenly, or metaphysical dimension:

  • The Male Object and Female Subject are mingled-in/integrated; there is homogeneity.
  • In their private night-time relationship, the Heavenly Father’s conscious output/Pattern (URQ) is discreetly Creative, as it covertly seeds (provides input for) His partner, the Creatable Subject (ULQ).
  • The Female Subjective-Substance is receptive/Creatable, and the Male Objective-Patterns are expressive/Creative.

On both of two coterminous dimensions, there is a Subject who (actively) receives as input the (passive) output/Object of the other Subject.

OUTformed Corporeality and INformed Consciousness are cyclically coordinated and recursively cooperative, dynamical actions occurring within the pervasive stillness of the One!

From Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Volume One:

I have but one law for all My opposed pairs of creating things; and that law needs but one word to spell it out, so hear Me when I say that the one word of My one law is BALANCE.

And if man needs two words to aid him in his knowing of the workings of that law, those words are BALANCED INTERCHANGE.

If man still needs more words to aid his knowing of My one law, give to him another one, and let those three words be RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE.

The One that is Two is NOT One of the Two

In the Bible, the terms God and Father are used interchangeably, confusing the all-encompassing Oneness that transcends the MaleFemale partnership with the Creator/Father/Male aspect of the whole.

God, Allah, Jehova, Yaweh, etc., are names loaded with meaning for different people today.  Calling the unfathomable One by any name could be a limiting and discriminatory practice.  Let us avoid triggering associations in diverse devotees. Can we agree with each other that our revered, ineffable Oneness may fairly be described by three simple adjectives: eternal, comprehensive and perfect?

Eternal Comprehensive Perfection is an appropriately gender-neutral and impersonal term that stands for all-that-is, the Oneness within which the Male/gods/Father and Female/goddesses/Mother function dynamically.  We will consistently use this term, or its acronym, ECP, when referring to the transcendent Source and Ground-State within which a fundamental dichotomy makes possible life, enduring entities, and sustainable systems.

Sri Ramana Maharshi, India’s greatest modern sage, says:

Creation is by the entire Godhead [Ground-State] breaking into God [Male] and Nature [Female]

“Creation” is by the Godhead/Stillness/Ground-State that breaks the undifferentiated/mingled-in God/Male and Nature/Female into the archetypally differentiated/singled-out Father>Pater>Pattern/Structure and Mother>Mater>Matter/Substance.

What both science and scriptures reveal, Quadernity models: the equal stature of the Male (God/Spirit/seed) and Female (Nature/Tao/waters), as they dance dynamically within the Ground-State/Godhead, INforming and OUTforming the Uni-Verse/one-song/Word-that-becomes-flesh (what Sri Maharshi referred to as Creation).

The Female and Male are both necessary, each to the other, and to the dual realms of the Godhead, the metaphysical Heaven and physical Earth.

Review of Quadernity’s Trinity of Dualities

Let us take a moment now to orient the trinity of dualities that overlap and interact within our Quadernity Model:

CB extras 3.001

  • The upper quadrants are Metaphysical.
  • The lower quadrants are Physical.
  • The left quadrants are Subjects.
  • The right quadrants are Objects.
  • Female quadrants are on the diagonal from ULQ to LRQ.
  • Male quadrants are on the diagonal from LLQ to URQ.

Quadernity reveals divinity in all its divisions.

The Original Quadernity Model

The graphic below depicts the original Quadernity Model, a two-by-two grid, upon which are arranged the now-familiar, though newly color-coded, labels of Creation/OUTformation and INformation, which interface across contiguous domains. 

working keynote 13.001Overlay the Female and Male labels, as we have done in the graphic above to recognize that there is only one dynamically interactive set of quadrants:

  • ULQ = The Creatable Substance and the Informer;
  • LLQ = the Informable Observer and the Creator;
  • LRQ = an Informative Space emanating from Created Matter (Patterned) ;
  • URQ = Creative Seed emanating from Informed Consciousness.

OUTforming and INforming are represented by directionally opposite arrows.  A green arrow of Creating/OUTforming crosses from upper to lower Female quadrants, and a blue arrow of INforming crosses from lower to upper Male quadrants.  

Triple Acts

Follow the sequence of three arrows to see that each Subject acts thrice to produce its Object.

As the Creatable Informer, the Female is the causal actor who acts three times:

  1. She receives/Pulls input from the metaphysical realm,
  2. She processes/Transitions it for the physical realm, and
  3. She projects/Pushes Her Object/Matter into the LRQ.

working-keynote-14As the Informable Creator, the Male is the causal actor who acts three times:

  1. He receives/Pulls input from the physical realm,
  2. He processes/Transitions it for the metaphysical realm, and
  3. He projects/Pushes his Object/Pattern into the URQ.

working-keynote-15Notice the upward diagonal of the blue arrow.  The Creator, as causal Subject, could not have been Creative as previously thought.  That would require the arrow to point downward.

Instead, collectively the INformables are the means by which the Creator/Collective Consciousness is INformed (URQ).  Following the arrow from right to left in the upper quadrants, we see that the effective Object/Seed of the INformed Consciousness is Creative (URQ) for the Female (ULQ).

By now, having seen so much symmetry, you probably suspect there is a parallel structure for the Female.  Let’s look again at Her downward-pointing arrow:

working-keynote-14I originally thought that before something was Created it had to be Creatable.  The logic was not bad; however, because the ULQ contains a Subject who produces an Object in the LRQ, the Creatable cannot BECOME the Created, anymore than a mother becomes her baby.

If, with the help of the INformables, it is the Creator (Subject) who produces an INformed Consciousness that emits/Pushes a Creative Seed (Object) for the Female to receive/Pull and re-member (re-construct), then we have to think that possibly, with the help of the Creatable, it is the INformer (Subject) who produces a Created Corporeality that emits/Pushes an INformative re-minder (Object) for the Male to receive/Pull and experience.

Remarkable is the fact that the labels themselves hold, even if the perception of what they mean and how they relate shifts. This is the first of several times that words will take on multiple meanings, each applicable in their own way.  My intriguing dreams know how to play word and symbol games with me!

The Two Together are One

Rather than assigning primacy or causality to either the Male or the Female, Quadernity shows the Female and Male Subjects to be of equal stature and opposite functionality.  They involve themselves cooperatively so that they may endure and evolve.

Nikola Tesla says in Man’s Greatest Achievement, 1907:

All perceptible matter comes from a primary substance [Female Creatable, ULQ], or tenuity beyond conception, filling all space, the akasha or luminiferous ether, which is acted upon by the life giving Prana or creative force [Male Creative, URQ], calling into existence, in never-ending cycles all things and phenomena.

Paramahamsa Tewari, Engineer, Physicist and Inventor:

The akasha is not destructible, it is the primordial absolute substratum [the INformed, URQ together in Private Nighttime Relationship with Creatable, ULQ] that creates cosmic matter [Mother and Father create together, not separately] and hence the properties of akasha are not found in the material properties that are in a sense relative [they are metaphysical, not physical].  The akasha is the eternally existent, superfluid reality [the incomprehensible, non-resistant, irresistible Tao, a.k.a., the “waters” spoken of in nearly all creation stories], for which creation and destruction are inapplicable.

We now think through the FemaleMale relationships with some familiar examples:

  • Creation/OUTformation:  An ovulating female is potentially receptive (ULQ) to the seed of a male (URQ).  In this upper-quadrant, Private Night-time Relationship, the Female Subject and Male Object are mingled-in.  (See description of akasha above.)  During pregnancy the mother builds a baby inside herself from her own Creatable resources.  The mother is the Subject, the potentially Creatable substrate, whose internal actions are Creating a fetus.  At the end of gestation, the mother delivers a baby into the visible world as a Created Object (LRQ).  The baby is separated from the mother, who retreats (back to the ULQ) to Rest, as this is necessary to restore receptivity to a future pregnancy.  The baby has become INformative (LRQ) to an INformable Observer (LLQ), especially to the father who seeks his likeness in the baby’s features.
  • INformation: We (as conscious beings) are the potentially INformable substrate (LLQ). When we encounter another person or object (LRQ), our external receptors perceive their vibes/body language and/or features.  In this lower-quadrant, Public Day-time Relationship, the Male Subject and Female Object are singled out.  Our mirror neurons enable us to develop resonance with perceived beings/objects, causing our energy frequencies to elevate and become expansive or to diminish and become constricted.  As our receptivity, chemistry and emotional states shift, our altered emanations are recorded on surfaces everywhere as interference Patterns (Objects in URQ).  Our Subjective interpretations thus INform the Collective Consciousness/Creator, which becomes an Informed producer of a Creative seed/spark (URQ) that may once again influence/impregnate the Creatable matrix (ULQ).  After the emission of his seed, a male Rests.

There is involution/descent into the Earthly/physical plane of Corporeality, followed by an evolution/ascent into the Heavenly/metaphysical plane of Consciousness.  The pulse of the Mother and Father dynamically sharing with each other is the rhapsody of the uni-verse (one-song), or ECP, in which all notes, great and small, rise and fall in their own time.

As the Native Americans and other indigenous peoples well understood, our presence here on Earth is provisional.  Sadly, we have disregarded their wisdom.  Profound is our ignorance about the greater whole into which we must integrate or perish.  Through the lens of Quadernity, however, the depth of our ecology is staggering.

Artificial disturbances can create “natural” disasters.  Only when we understand that our world is a hierarchy of interlocking feedback systems with infinite degrees of sensitivity and fortification, will we finally stop meddling with our otherwise exquisitely resilient matrix.

As long as we believe that causes and their effects are related linearly, and that they exist together entirely on the physical plane, efforts for advancement are thwarted.

The Dancing Duo

As a whole, the conscious corporeality/corporeal consciousness is a dancing duo.  Only together can the duo dance the dance that perpetuates their relationship.  As the dancers dance, there is dancing.  And the dancing is, itself, the relationship, or the entity/system (E/S), in which, for which, and by which the dancers relate.  No dancing, no dancers.  No dancers, no dancing.

The One/ECP is rhapsodic.  Its divine duality “trips the light fantastic“.


Collectively holding the power of universal sustenance are two essential aspects of One reality.  Neither the Female or Male is self-sufficient.  They are a partnership that wins or loses together; therefore, each is engaged in the welfare of the other.

This chapter focused on how Quadernity relates together the divine divisions, which have been described in sacred writings, biology, philosophy.

About this idea there have been many philosophical debates.  Quadernity shifts the paradigm, leaving behind materialism and leaving behind idealism.  Quadernity even dives deeper than panpsychism, the position that all matter has some degree of consciousness.

Quadernity models the fundamental unit of relationship underlying the Conscious Universe.

The final aside for this chapter assists you in Comparing Quadernity with Panpsychism.

Our next chapter, Paradoxical Chalkboard Visions, delves more deeply into the act of Observing and the paradoxical nature of the Quadrants of Creation and of Information.

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