The Second Sentence of Genesis: Conditions Prior to Creation

The second sentence of Genesis is a cryptic description of the primordial conditions preceding the creation of Earth and Heaven.

The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep.

Notice that this sentence has two phrases, separated by a comma.  Each succinctly represents such profound knowledge that they almost warrant their own chapters.  Giving each their due, this chapter is broken into two main parts, entitled Phrase One and Phrase Two.

Before we dive deep into the two phrases, let us consider the following:

The Advantage of Retrospection

In this chapter, we continue to use what we already have learned from the dynamics of Quadernity.  We translate clipped phrases and cryptic words posing as descriptions of the pre-conditions required before creation can commence.

We must keep in mind that creation’s story-tellers are always reflecting back from a time after Earth and the Heavens had already been created.  Without knowledge of these dual domains*, their absences would have been unremarkable.

*That Heaven and Earth are domains was explained in the previous chapter.

The only way to comprehensively describe creation is to begin observing from behind the curtain, from the inside/before, and then during what is equivalent to gestation and parturience, and finally, from outside/after emergence.

Well-intentioned as they may be, physicists cannot get all the way back behind the curtain where the ancient wisdom texts take us.  By definition of their profession, scientists must stop short of entering the realm of immeasurable metaphysicalities.

Without the professional restrictions of scientism, ancient philosophers conveyed a comprehensive story of creation, albeit one that has since been recklessly and repeatedly recast into various versions, only a few of which have interpretations accessible to us today.

It is not surprising that the ancients considered what it may have been like before anything came to be; creation is a perennial curiosity.  It is quite astonishing, however, that anyone from ancient times could have described for posterity the primal setup, such that it could be aligned with cutting-edge science millennia later.

Three possible explanations come to mind:

  • The ancients either used their imagination to make up stories of what they thought things were like back when dualities remained unified, or mingled-in, as metaphysical potentialities, and were just lucky to get so much of it right.
  • By a feat of personal consciousness, they accessed knowledge from the Akashic Records/Universal Consciousness (reportedly God gave them the knowledge).
  • Or, they had technologies beyond anything known of today.

Even we moderns cannot (without unnatural, invasive procedures) observe a fetus, continuously from the time she is mingled-in with her mother, cozy in the warm inside-space of her mother’s womb — all the way through the crushing contractions of delivery, and the cutting of the cord that singles her out as an individual being.  We see her only as the little person who shall live henceforth only in her mother’s outside-space.  If we could watch the entire process, from the moment of inception all the way to suckling, we would tell a story similar to that which the ancient story-tellers have audaciously put forth.

Ancient creation stories take us back to the beginning before “the heavens and the earth” emerge singled-out.  We are taken behind the curtain, where not only are the Heavens and the Earth mingled-in, but even the Mother and Father also remain intimately mingled-in.

Having only nascent understandings of the fractality of Corporeality and the holographic essence of Consciousness, few if any modern thinkers dare apply what is known about IVF, birth, complex dynamics, phase-transitions and emergent behaviors to retroject these concepts into hypotheses about the origin of the cosmos.

Though scientists of today try to find a fundamental particle from which others are composed, or a single force from which the others have diverged, when they get down to the quantum realm, things grow fuzzy.  There they have to deal with counter-intuitive conundrums, such as non-locality (an apparently separate thing can be ‘entangled‘ with another apparently separate thing so that each corresponds to the other’s state instantly — without time to transmit signals) and super-position (one thing can be spread out across multiple locations).  Non-locality and super-position are science lingo for what Quadernity describes as the “mingled-in” state, wherein metaphysical potentialities pre-exist actualities.

First Phrase

The earth was without form and void.

The first phrase of the second sentence tells us that before the upcoming ‘days’ of creation, Earth was not simply left out of the picture, as we might expect for a not-yet-created entity.  Instead, Earth was foreshadowed as formless (without shape/Pattern) and void (without content/Matter).

Our initial impression is of something nebulous and bleak, rather than something missing entirely.formlessvoidRig Veda says:

There was neither non-existence nor existence then.

It is perplexing to think of the absence of non-existence; it sounds like a double negative.

Tao te Ching says it this way:

Having and not having arise together.

We must think of these statements in an unusual way in order to make sense of them.  The next section should help.

Coin of Duality

There can be no hot without cold, no up without down, no light without darkness, and no physical Earth without the metaphysical Heavens.  Pairs of opposites emerge together, like particles and antiparticles.  The description of what something ‘is’ is based on what it ‘is not’.  There can be no content without context.  There can be no existence without non-existence!

The duality of this/not-that is required in the realm of Creators/Observers and Createds/Observeds.

A coin is a symbol of duality.  It has two distinctly separate faces.  The faces are mutually exclusive, being opposite one another, and they are mutually dependent because they cannot be separated from one another without destroying the coin in which they are integrated.

A coin transcends its two faces; the greater complexity (more possibilities) enfolds the lesser.  The lesser complexity (fewer options) unfolds from the greater complexity.

spinning-coin (1)

Flipping a coin will show us that the possible states of a duality are:

both/neither  * either/or  * final outcome

Imagine an inverted triangle.  Beginning with maximum possibilities at the top, we descend toward one actuality at the point of observation.

working keynote19.001While a coin is freely spinning through the air, heads or tails are both possibilities, yet we have neither heads nor tails decisively.  This indeterminate state can be called the Both/Neither state.

Simply grasping a coin mid-air reduces its possibilities from both/neither to Either/Or, though we know not which until we look at it.

The either/or state has two possible final outcomes.  Whichever way we look at it — the coin could be slapped onto a table for viewing, or the fist could be opened palm up for viewing — Either/Or remains until we look.  By observing the coin, one of the possibilities vanishes and we end up with a single final outcome.

Re Objects: Possibilities Precede Outcomes
Re Subjects: Potentialities Precede Actualities

The Tao te Ching, Chapter Forty, says:

Ten thousand things are born from being.  Being is born from not being.

This quote describes two layers of potentiality (Not-being and Being) from which the “ten thousand things” are born.  (Back when the Tao te Ching was written, ‘ten thousand’ meant ‘countless’, in much the same way as we might say ‘gajillion’ in slang today.)

The “ten thousand things” are the infinitude of singled-out particular-entities, or, as Quadernity calls them, Particularities.

The sequence, as described in Chapter Forty of the Tao te Ching, is summarized below:

Not-being  >>  Being  >>  the ten thousand things

Not-being is called Asat in the ancient language, Sanskrit.  Asat precedes ‘Being’, which is called Sat in Sanskrit.  The same sequence is reiterated, using the newly introduced terms:

Asat  >>  Sat  >>  the ten thousand things

Earth, itself, is one of those “ten thousand things“.

Earth is physical content in the context of the metaphysical Heavens.  These two must arise together, but in the beginning, they have yet to do so.

Rig Veda again:

Poets seeking in their heart with wisdom
 found the bond of existence and non-existence.  Their cord was extended across.

We are told by Tao te Ching that Having/Being/Existence/Sat and Not-having/Not-being/Non-existence/Asat arise together.

In this chapter, we join the poets in seeking the bridge between Asat and Sat, to extend a cord across.

We do expect another bridge between Sat and the “ten thousand things“, and we will cross that bridge when we come to it, on Day One.  However, before we return to this chapter’s mission, it behooves us to first consult with Quadernity for a visual reference of the entire sequence outlined above.

Our consistent color-coding is used again in the sine wave below: green is for Female/Mother Earth and blue is for Male/Father Sky.  The actions of each Subject are shown on the solid curves, which are ensconced between Rests, shown as horizontal dashed-arrows.

Track from left to right.

Within the Female‘s Rest in Asat (horizontal green-dashed arrow), Her potential to Pull intensifies; She positions Herself to Pull at the moment when doing so is most fruitful.  When the Female first Pulls, the Male Rests in deep sleep (horizontal blue-dashed arrow above Her actions).

The two phases of Asat are:

  1. Substance at Rest
  2. Substance Pulling

The Female also Transitions before the Male Pulls.  Her Transition is the conversion from Asat to Sat.  The two phases of Sat can be thought of as:

  1. Gestation
  2. Parturience

The Male Observer was sleeping deeply when the Mother first Pulled.  As She Transitioned, He was subconscious, dreaming away.

As the parturient Mother begins to Push, the expectant Father senses something is about to happen.  Ah, He realizes, the time has come.  Awaken, He urges Himself!

Upon reception of the Mother‘s delivery, He is fully alert.  He “pays” retrospective attention to that for which He had previously, subconsciously, established receptivity.

Once the Mother has Pushed (midway through the graph) Her triple actions are complete, so She Rests (second green dashed arrow).

The “ten thousand things“, in terms of Quadernity, are Objects that have resulted from the actions of two Subjects: all three of the Female‘s actions plus the first action of the Male, His Pull.  We will wait until Day One to go over the remaining actions of the Male.  In this chapter, we are concerned mainly with the conditions prior to the universal birth.

To go “behind the curtain” we need only move leftward from the center-point on the graph (where the Female Push is met by the Male Pull).  This graph, and what we know of Quadernity, allows us to see all the way back to the Female Rest in Asat.

Tao te Ching says:

Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth.

This quote associates a gateway with the Female.  Saying Her gateway is the root/cause of Heaven and Earth appears to conflict with the first sentence of Genesis, which says:

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The only conflict, when we get down to it, is our assumption that God is of the Male gender.  We got this idea from iconic images and the Lord’s Prayer, which begins by supplicating: “Our Father, who art in heaven…

Prior to Her delivery of offspring, the Male is at Rest and the Female alone is active.  For this reason, the entire lineage of Not-being, Being, and the delivery of “ten thousand things“, is considered to be Female by most creation stories more ancient than the Old Testament, which disregarded the Female‘s role in universal creation and rejected texts such as this one from The Gnostic Bible, edited by Willis Barnstone & Marvin Meyer:

She became the universal womb, for She precedes everything.

Rig Veda:

Thou indeed art the undifferentiated first cause, the highest Prakriti.  Oh, Divine Mother!  Thou art that supreme science of power, inconceivably immense.

This quote seems to equate the undifferentiated with the first cause, but with careful attention we recognize that the quote tells of the Divine Mother in Asat:

  1. the undifferentiated quiescent state, wherein She Rests; and then,
  2. as primal Subject, She takes an action (Pull) that produces compounding reactions.

Being impartial and undifferentiated, as She is in Asat, She cannot be named.

Tao te Ching, Chapter One, tells us that it is impossible to describe/name the eternal Tao:

The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.

Moreover, as there is none beyond to comprehend Her (the Father/Observer has not yet awakened), the eternal Tao shall never be named.  The Tao is Lao Tsu’s word for the Female Resting in primal receptivity, or Asat/Not-being/Non-existence.

Tao te Ching, Chapter 25, tells us:

Something mysteriously formed,
Born before heaven and earth.
In the silence and the void,
Standing alone and unchanging,
Ever present and in motion.
Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things.

Two states of the Female/Mother are being described also in this quote.  She is quiescent in Asat (standing alone and unchanging) and productive in Sat (ever-present and in motion).

She is unchanging while in motion.  How can this be?  If one is in motion, he/she/it is in one place at one time and at another place at another time.  To be in motion is to change places.  Even if oscillating or vibrating in place, the state changes over time.

The Female‘s motion is Her Pull, Her ever-present receptivity, the attractiveness at Her core.  She need not go anywhere, or even reach out, in order to Pull.

Kathopanishad (Indian Vedic text):

The ever unchangeable is devoid of sound, touch, form, taste or smell.  It is without beginning or end, ever beyond the prime cause of all evolution. 

Being ever-present, She is uncaused.  Having no beginning or end, She is timeless.  Without time, movement is not change.  Change requires an Observer to detect/measure the changes as time passes.

The time comes with the Observer.  Time is relative to the Observer and the speed of His sequential measurements.

Therefore, the primordial Female transcends the “prime cause of all evolution” (progressive change over time), that is Observation.

Undifferentiated Asat

Which do you think is more likely, that the “ten thousand things” are descendents from an Asat that is nothing/emptiness/the void, or from an Asat that is everything/fullness/the plenum?  I am betting that you would choose the latter and more logical option.

What if the follow-up question is: “What is the difference between ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’?”

Neither of these absolutes can be encompassed, comprehended, or defined.  The absolutes of ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’ are indistinguishable because each require a perspective (beyond or within) that would be precluded by the very definitions of those words.

‘Everything’ includes ‘nothing’ so ‘everything’ would Pull ‘nothing’ into it.  ‘Nothing’ excludes ‘everything’ so ‘nothing’ would Push ‘everything’ away from it.  Balanced between the inward Pull of ‘everything’ and the outward Push of ‘nothing’ is the fixed point situated at the coincidence of Everything/Nothing.

An incessant movement flows to the Everything that Pulls and from the Nothing that Pushes.  Thus movement appears to stop and start at a still-point.  Watch the center point of the dynamic torus below:

The Everything/Nothing is both Everywhere (at every point) and Nowhere (points themselves cannot be found).  All movement is an apparition comprising infinitely many sequenced still-points.

Fullness and Emptiness are Unified. The Void is the Plenum.

Isha Upanishad offers this paradoxical Asat:

That is Full, this is also full.  This fullness came from that Fullness.  Though this fullness comes from that Fullness, that Fullness remains forever full.

All This Was Water

Rig Veda says:

… with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.

The phrase “with no distinguishing sign” refers to Asat, which precedes Sat and the “ten thousand things“, including Objects of Corporeality on Earth and Objects of Consciousness in the Heavens.

Because ‘all this was water‘ refers to a time prior to Earth, we can rule out that this ‘water‘ refers to the liquid covering 70% of EarthEarth was not then a watery sphere, nor did it have basins to contain water.

slide-033 slide-021

The word ‘water‘ is code for something else.  The water with which we are intimately familiar, and upon which our lives depend, is similar to that which preceded the creation of Heaven and Earth.

Receptive Asat

Within the Mother‘s initial Rest, She becomes receptive.  Her increasing receptivity is the bridge between Her Rest state and Her Pull.

The Female‘s Rest precedes Her first causal action, Her Pull.  In Her Rest, She is undifferentiated from the so-called ‘waters‘.

Some thoughts about water:

Undisturbed water Rests in placid stillness.

Water is intrinsically receptive.

Water is powerful.  With enough time it can erode even the hardest rock.

Water settles to the lowest possible level.

Tao te Ching says:

The female overcomes the male by lying low.  Lying low in stillness.

When at Rest, the Female is automatically ‘lying low’.

Tao te Ching, Chapter Six says:

The valley spirit never dies; it is the woman, primal mother.

The term ‘valley’ is highlighted, emphasizing a second reference to the Female being low.

Lower altitudes, and zones of lower concentration, or of lower pressure, are all attractors, meaning that they have the effect of Pulling things down/into themselves.

  • A pressure gradient produces a force that accelerates a flow from a higher-pressure area to a lower-pressure area.
  • Faster-moving particles will move toward areas of slower-moving particles.  Heat dissipates.  Coldness/stillness is the attractor.
  • Particles move from an area of higher concentration to one of lower concentration.  This is called diffusion.

Lying low indicates receptivity.

Removing energy/heat/moving particles from an enclosed space forms a vacuum.  Vacuums are low-energy spaces, which Pull by virtue of their minimal energy state.  Vacuums suck! 😉

Present before Heaven and Earth is the lowest-lying vacuum state called the Zero Point Energy field (ZPE field).  Below is a video describing it.

Her inwardly receiving/Pulling and outwardly giving/Pushing, in relative equilibrium, averages all effects to nil.  This is why we do not “feel” the ZPE, even though it is present at every point in space.

The Female, at Rest in Asat, lies low like still ‘waters‘.  She is intrinsically receptive.  Once there is something available to Pull, it cannot avoid Her, but will be drawn directly to Her.

Tao te Ching, Chapter Forty-Two:

The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang.
They achieve harmony by combining these forces.

Carrying yin means that the capacity to Pull is inherent.  Just as life force makes a newborn babe gasp its first inhalation, there is an inter-face between the attractor of the deep, still ‘waters‘ and that which was attracted via receptivity/resonance/compatibility.

Please understand that yin/Pull/attraction is related to the Female potentiality of Asat, and not the Female physical Matter, which radiates/Pushes and, therefore, expresses yang.

Yin and yang, or the centripetal and centrifugal forces, are the Pull and Push of both the Female and the Male.  In the chalkboard model of Quadernity, the Female demonstrates yin and the Male yang, only in the upper quadrants — the metaphysical realm, of which creation stories tell.  This reverses, of course, in the physical realm/lower quadrants where Corporeality radiates/yang and Consciousness is receptive/yin.

Asat and Sat Made Crystal Clear

Imagine taking a glass beaker of water and dissolving in it some salt or sugar.  Whereupon losing all properties of being particles, the solutes mingle-in with the solvent (in this case water) to form a solution.  Even a super-saturated solution can still appear empty and featureless.

In the video below, the teacher shows his students a beaker full of liquid.  He tells them that this fluid has been sitting undisturbed on a shelf for the entire school year.  If not for the beaker that contains the clear liquid, the solution would be just as invisible as the dissolved solutes have become.

From within the cosmos, none can perceive its enclosure.  Neither the universal Solution, nor the infinitude of solutes dissolved within it, have any distinguishing signs.

As Rig Veda says,

… with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.

The ‘waters‘ are an omnipotent super-saturated Solution, capable of delivering forth the Heavens and the Earth.  This “darkness within darkness“, this super-saturated watery Solution, is the “gateway to all mystery“.  The primary and perennial mystery is, of course, how it is that something can instantaneously appear where before there was nary a tangible thing anywhere to be seen, nor named.

When solutes (singled-out Particularities) fall from Solution (mingled-in potentialities), the crystal appears suddenly, as one of the “ten thousand things“.

Without understanding that the Solution was previously primed and super-saturated, the emergence is quite mysterious, even seemingly magical, as it was for the stunned students, until the teacher explained the process to them after the fact.

Second Phrase

The three versions of Genesis we are using in this unit all vary slightly in their translations of this second phrase:

ESV: The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep.
KJV: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
NRSV: The earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep.

The differences are trivial, the statements have essentially the same meaning.  What they all agree upon is that darkness is layered above the face of the deep.

In empty space there is neither above nor below; however, there is beyond and within.

In the Tao te Ching, the “deep” is also called a “darkness“.  We visualize that the deep/darkness is situated within, or surrounded by, the other darkness layered beyond/above it.

This second phrase from the third sentence of Genesis has a parallel in the Tao te Ching:

 Darkness within darkness, the gate to all mystery.

The two darknesses are somehow a gate, or, as previously called a gateway, from which Heaven and Earth emerge, and behind which is all mystery.  The gate/gateway is associated with the Female, and because it delivers Heaven and Earth, it refers to Sat, within which is Asat.  Both Asat and Sat are darknesses, or invisible potentialities.

The layering together of double darknesses persists in creation stories of different times and places.  It would be unlikely for a seemingly nonchalant remark to be specified repeatedly, unless the point was key, not casual.

Contemplating the word ‘darkness’ may help us obtain an obscure clue.

Today’s scientists have come up with the terms dark matter and dark energy to describe things that are supposed to be functionally effective, however, they cannot be designated as something in particular, or found specifically somewhere.  Evidence of dark matter and dark energy has, so far, come via reason, not ruler.  So, ‘darkness’ could be an adjective used to indicate that something is hidden or vaguely represented, that some of its properties are uncertain, or its whereabouts are unknown.  Saying something is ‘dark’ is not the same as declaring its absence.

Genesis and the Chinese Tao te Ching correlate with a third creation story, this time from the Indian Rig Veda:

Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning, with no distinguishing sign, all this was water.

In Rig Veda, the contiguous darknesses were collectively called “water“.

The creation story of the Mesopotamian Enuma Elish begins like this:

When in the height heaven was not named,
And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name,
And the primeval Apsu, who begat them,
And chaos, Tiamut, the mother of them both
[Heaven and Earth]
Their waters were mingled together

Both references to the water[s]’ say two things are mingled together, one specifically calling out the Male and Female.  Once the Solution is Seeded, Asat becomes Sat, a secondary potentiality that we will explore much further in our next chapter.  The ‘waters’ include both Asat and Sat, the two hidden potentialities — darkness within darkness.

Analog and Binary Conversions

Phase transition, wherein a super-saturated Solution begins to crystallize, is not unlike what happens when a neuron fires an action potential.  Both the Solution and the axon hillock have to reach a critical threshold before the phase change occurs.

The Solution has to reach super-saturation, the state wherein no more solutes can be dissolved, otherwise, additional crystals simply dissolve upon contact, rather than evoking crystallization.

Similarly, if the summed total of inhibitory and excitatory post-synaptic signals are sufficient to neutralize the polarity of the cell membrane, an action potential surges down the axon; otherwise, no action potential will propagate.

In both of these cases there are two forms of potential, one preceding the other.  One potential has an analog (continuous) build up, and the other potential is binary/digital; in other words, the switch is set to all/on/yes, or set to none/off/no.

While in Asat, the Female lies low and is, therefore, automatically receptive.  She gradually absorbs to a maximum point of satiety.  This is the analog progression.  When She has had her fill, She can take no more without a sudden Phase Change.  Think of the gradual build up of sensual stimulation that results in a sudden eruption called an orgasm.

The Female gradually receives to satiety, then suddenly Pulls the sperm toward Her egg.  The orgasm initiates a second level of receptivity, a receptivity within another receptivity — darkness within darkness.

Asat is gradually graded; Sat is suddenly activated.

Two metaphysical potentialities (Asat and Sat) are in cahoots (together known as the ‘waters’) behind the scene prior to the seemingly stochastic appearance of manifestations in the physical realm (the “ten thousand things“).

We will discuss more about Sat in the next chapter, and more about the “ten thousand things” in Chapter Four, which is about Day One in Genesis.  We are focused on the primordial Female in this chapter, and primarily Her state of Asat, which builds receptivity while remaining at Rest.

Altogether, the Female in both Asat and Sat (the ‘waters‘) will deploy three actions, two of which are hidden and one visible/external.  The chalkboard graphic below shows these three actions.

Even though they are not displayed on the graphic, you will recall that a Rest precedes the Female Pull and another one follows Her Push.  The latter of these Rests resets Her to the Upper Left Quadrant where She is in position to eventually Pull again.  In previous chapters, a black-dashed arrow has depicted this reset to the Rest position, whence another Pull can be initiated.

Sat begins with the Female‘s first Pull and includes Her Transition (gestation and parturience) to Push.  The Female‘s Pull is completely in the upper quadrants (metaphysical domain), and therefore, invisible.  Her Transition bridges from inception to delivery, through gestation and parturience.

Both Asat and Sat have two phases.  In a like manner, the “ten thousand things” are half Her Push and half His Pull, which occurs in the lower quadrants (the physical domain) and is therefore not hidden.  With His Pull and Her Push, the curtain opens and Day One of creation, as told in Genesis, begins.  Genesis begins its story of creation at this point, revealing only how the Male/Father-God singled-out various things into manifestation and then reflected upon them with pleasure.

The first three sentences of Genesis precede Day One.  Sentence One is simply a topic sentence, telling us what is to come.  Sentence Two, studied in this chapter, is mostly about Asat.  Sentence Three, our upcoming chapter, delves more deeply into Sat.  Asat and Sat, the Femalewaters‘, actively prepared for creation, working behind the scenes, before the Male takes center-stage and is given all the credit and all the glory.  Sound familiar?

All four of the creation stories introduced in this chapter are in alignment with the chalkboard lessons of Quadernity.  Without Quadernity, how could these scriptures have been decoded?  Thanks to Quadernity, the Female is given her due at long last!

More to come!  In the next chapter, the watery Solution will get Seeded for the first time.  Yeah, I know, it’s pretty sexy!  😉