Detour into Magical, Mystical Mythematics

This chapter is oriented around some fun stuff within the theme of Mathematical Models of Quadernity.

The following series of sixteen narrated videos is presented in a specific order to produce sequential surprises.

Although they do follow one after the other to build a story, each piece of the program is a whole concept unto itself, so it is not necessary to experience all sixteen presentations at one sitting.  The total reading and watching time of this chapter should be a pleasurable 108 minutes.

Each video reveals essential mathematical elements of Quadernity, whether they are brought to life through great art or symbolic architecture, massive sculpture or intuitive scribbles.  Some segments relate the study of ancient sites through archeology to the study of the solar system through astronomy, and of the body through biology.  Other sections reveal unlikely alignments between botany, yoga and computer science.

Begin with an unexpected comparison betwixt the Earth, Moon and Great Pyramid at Giza.

For unobstructed viewing,
put videos in full screen mode and keep your cursor off to the side.

Arising alongside the curious relationship between measurements of the pyramids and earthly hemispheres, amusing numeracy links geometry, spiritual beliefs, health and Quadernity.

The number 432 is so important that a YouTube video produced by a friend of mine is included here.  Think of it as an aside, augmenting your understanding of the previous video.

Moving from clever coincidences to the profound secret infrastructure of our universe, again the Great Pyramid provides the initial point of departure in this video:

The upcoming video richly mixes beauty and efficiency, examines the unchanging change of the ancient and the modern, applies digital and analogue to both machinery and life, joins the traits of the homophone opposites spelled discrete and discreet, and reveals the secret balance between growth and maintenance, thanks to the brilliant Greek, Phidias, who, around 435 BCE, sculpted one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The following meditation on the Golden Ratio finds multiple parallels in ways that the Great Pyramid is linked to the “gold” in the human body, oriented on our energy centers.

The next two remarkable short films, not made by me, have been especially selected to greatly enhance understanding of the Mandelbrot Set, to stimulate further study into his far-reaching work, and to share the video-makers’ deep respect for the great Mandelbrot.

These two videos are equivalent to the asides in other chapters of this site in that they are entirely optional to the grasp of Quadernity, nor do directly relate back to it.  Rather, they are presented here in honor of the amazing man who deduced how to voyage endlessly into the mind-bending beauty of mathematics.

A beautiful compilations of interviews with the brilliant Father of Fractals, for whom the Mandelbrot set was named:

Along with Mandelbrot, we gotta love Fibonacci and Lucas!

A unique path into unknown mathematical territory.

In this video a remarkable series of numbers is represented geometrically, only to discover that their relationships provide a new model of Quadernity.

A casual sketch becomes more and more exacting.

Playing some more with the new graphic reveals amazing correlation with the energy centers of the human body.

An exponential progression of 1.618 and -.618, the two solutions to our ugly little quadratic formula from a previous video, develops a surprising symmetry and reproduces a familiar number sequence.

Comparing the Fibonacci rectangle with the Golden Rectangle we find them to be similar but not precisely the same.

Note: In the narration of the upcoming video, I forgot to tell you about the diagonal lines that intersect inside the golden rectangle.  The point of their intersection is called the ‘eye of God’, as it is the source point of the growing squares that swirl outward from it, and/or it is the vanishing point of the shrinking squares as they spiral into it.

Watch for the Golden Ratio to be revealed in the Babylonian Tablet of Shamash, which dates back to the 9th century BCE.

By adding and subtracting powers of Phi, we get two side lengths of right angle triangles.

Is there a simple way to predict the hypotenuses of right angle triangles with whole number sides?

There are quite a few books recently written on the Golden Ratio, however at the time that these insights were coming to me, I did not own any, and most were not even written yet.

I had never heard of the term Sacred Geometry.  In 2004, five years into my insights, I was researching something on the computer and came across an advertisement for the 1st Annual Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona, AZ.   I read the description to my husband and he said, “Well, obviously, you have to go!”  Immediately, I told my friend and she offered to accompany me.  Two weeks later, we flew from VA to AZ.

When I heard the conference coordinator’s opening speech I broke down weeping, for it was the first time I knew I was not alone.  Others, even if they were not having direct downloads themselves, were there to celebrate the visions of those who have.

The audience of about 200 attendees voted for their favorites of those giving 2 minute auditions.  The top eight would be paid for a three-hour post-conference presentation.  I had no idea that this opportunity would present itself, but I got on stage and won a spot.  It was thrilling to be able to share some of what I had gleaned from my insights with those who openly embraced both my process and the points being made.


Most folks expect mathematics to be more perplexing than playful.  Stunning coincidences and spectacular synchronicity were shared in this chapter to shift attitudes about math away from mumbled profanity and toward humbled proFUNdity.  Hopefully, you were both entertained and informed by this chapter.

To miss out on math’s delights is unfortunate, though it affects only the individual.  Meanwhile, having merely a minimal mathematical logic collectively leaves us all vulnerable to dire, if not deadly consequences!

This deficiency diminishes our foresight and, if left uncorrected, it will hamper our chances of surviving planetary changes, which are escalating in frequency and severity all across the globe.

The next chapter Quadernity’s Nature-Based Number Line explains how to upgrade an elementary-level mathematical tool with a complementary counter-balance, thereby preventing our old and limited logic from having its otherwise unlimited sway over our psyches.

The newly-learned logic will surely result in breakthrough ideas; but even before that (while we are still updating our intuition) we enhance our ability to anticipate, prepare for, and survive the harsh realities of the twenty-first century.

Alright then, let’s get going…time is of the essence!

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