Equivalency of Primary Models of Quadernity

The two-dimensional shapes associated with our primary models are not unique to Quadernity.  The areas demarcated around a simple cross, the areas within and around overlapping circles, and the oscillating progression of sine waves have all been used freely and variously in the public domain.

Only through morning visions did these common symbols acquire meaningful labels and specially coined names to identify the aspects emerging to interact upon their otherwise static shapes.  The fresh alignment of dynamic functions with the timeless generic shapes is what justifies calling them models of Quadernity.

Just as the Chalkboard Quadrants, the Pragmatic Schematic, and the Lattice of diamond-meshed waves encircling a cylinder, provide different perspectives of the complementary processes, OUTformation and INformation, we find more and more scientific and scriptural references that point, in their own various ways, to the activities archetypally attributed to Female and Male causal agents.

Essential Feedback

From the earliest chalkboard visions, both Female and Male Subjects Pull INput, Transition (process or exchange it) and Push OUTput (an Object at the effect of the three actions).

Forming a feedback loop, the INput for one is the OUTput of the other.

The partners’ inverse actions are reflected above, in both the flowchart and the chalkboard quadrants flanking it.  On the Male blue side, we see the actions Pulling in the lower quadrants and Transitioning upward to the Push in the upper quadrants.  On the Female green side, it is reversed, going from the upper to lower quadrants.

The Subjects Pull and Push, exchanging Objects between them.  From their cycles of mutual influence, we ourselves arise, symbiotically possessing both discreet qualia of consciousness and discrete quanta of corporeality.

Pull is the Primary Act of Subjects

In the upper quadrants, the invisible metaphysical domain, the Female Pulls what the Male Pushes.  Called in Quadernity the Private Nighttime Relationship, this intimate exchange is warmly recognized at the human scale as intercourse, bodies discreetly (secretly) mingled-in and out of sight.

In the lower quadrants, the visible physical domain, the Male Pulls what the Female Pushes.  In their so-called Public Daytime Relationship, entropy radiates (as output) from the Informative Object to be consumed (as input) by an Informable Subject, whose observation (the singling out of an event) gives the signal significance.  In other words, it MATTERs, in both the physical and meaningful senses of the word.

Dual Domains Connected by Feedback

Below, the feedback loop is illustrated in two ways.  On the left, it looks like a sharply zig-zagged figure-eight infinity loop, and on the right, it is straight-forward circuitry.

Next are additional artistic ways to express the upper and lower domains, metaphysical and physical, and the relationships that occur within them:

The engraving in the lower right above shows the Female and Male singled out from their private Rest, two separate individuals entwined.  Their personified imagery is equivalent in the abstract to the interior of the big torus on the left.  The couple’s branches and roots diverge and mingle in with the fluid design around the plate’s rim, which mimics the interwoven netting of the torus.

The image, upper right, of the human surrounded by a magnetic field shows incoming arrows at the bottom, Pulling up from the grounded Earth.  Male derives His input from the Female, Mother Earth.

Outgoing arrows Push upward from His head into the Heavenly sky.  Both consciousness and Father Sky are archetypally Male.

Comparing the graphics below, we begin on the left with a vertical flow, equivalent to the images just above, and then rotate to a horizontal flow.

Notice the same labels from above are now spelled out in each set of overlapping circles below.  As it is in the torus above, the physical domain is in the center.  In Venn Diagrams, this is the area of mutuality.  And so it is in the Pragmatic Schematic, which effectively describes the dynamics of Quadernity; within its central overlap, BOTH the Female and the Male are visible and singled-outFemale Matter Pushes Substance and the Male Mind Pulls it into Structures.

The Transitions of Female and Male occupy the outer crescents, as they are opposites.  Outside, beyond the Pragmatic Schematic, is the transcendent, metaphysical domain, in which the lovers lose themselves in each other.  There they are invisible and mingled-in.  In this realm, NEITHER the records of collective consciousness nor the infinite potentiality are comprehensible.

The PS, overlaid on a torus, gives excellent insight into how the metaphysical domain transcends the physical domain, while highlighting the difference between a singled-out, linear relationship (lower quadrants/inner domain) and a mingled-in, non-linear relationship (upper quadrants/outer domain).

The 2-by-2 model of Quadernity (left above) and the 3+1 model of Quadernity (right above) are dynamically equivalent; however, they provide alternate perspectives of the fundamental dynamism inherent in all entity-systems.

In the image below, the Chinese Adam (Fuxi) holds a tool that makes right angles (used in the 2-by-2 model) while Eve (Nuwa) holds a tool that makes circles (used in the 3+1 model).

We recall from the chapter Geometry of Universal Mother and Father that curved lines are associated with the Female and that rectilinear lines are associated with the Male.

Having thoroughly established the equivalency of the two-by-two Quadrants and the three-plus-one Pragmatic Schematic, we acknowledge what these two models have in common with the third primary model, visualized as a Lattice in the previous chapter.  In each of the three primary models, we see an exquisitely balanced marriage/partnership between Female and Male functionaries, who dynamically cooperate, interrelating their cycles of Pull * Transition * Push * Rest so that each allows the other to continuously oscillate between Subjective potentiality and Objective actuality.

Each Quadernity model opens slightly different insights.  Select the one with the superior fit for each of your needs and purposes.

The upcoming unit introduces new Mathematical Models.  Our 2-by-2 chalkboard Quadrants, the 3+1 Pragmatic Schematic and the multi-dimensional Lattice will be joined by a Cone-Spiral, a Nature-Based Number Line and an Enigmatic Formula. 

All of the Quadernity models serve as meditation tools for research, problem-solving, and intentional enhancement.  As you internalize the deeper meanings of Quadernity, it will become your second-nature to know which model provides the most appropriate perspective for a given situation.

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