Essential Vocabulary

Quadernity intentionally uses words which convey an essence that remains consistent under varied circumstances.  Though it may take some getting used to, the carefully chosen phraseology endeavors to minimize misunderstandings when discussing the model among ourselves, and as we share it with others, it will help reduce the risk of “losing something in the translation.”

For your convenience, uncommon terms are underlined and emboldened as they first occur in text, linking them either to online definitions or special definitions provided for optimal comprehension of Quadernity.

Abbreviations, unique to Quadernity are spelled out here.  Their definitions are expanded in the links below.

ECP = Eternal Comprehensive Perfection, the Absolute transcending the relative realm

E/S = Entity/System sustained by feedback between INformation and OUTformation

LLQ or LRQ = Lower Left or Lower Right Quadrant, respectively

PTPR = Pull * Transition * Push * Rest, a sequence ubiquitous in dynamical systems throughout nature

ULQ or URQ = Upper Left or Upper Right Quadrant, respectively

Because common words often have multiple meanings, some that may even seem contrary, the expanded vocabulary offered here will insure that those who may be familiar with a word used in another context can become aware of additional etymological nuances made richly meaningful in light of Quadernity.  See Semantic Loans.

The short list of specific interpretations linked below are essential to the model and crucial for its comprehension:

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