Evolving Back to Oneness

This talk, about 27 minutes, was given to an Evolutionary Spirituality group in Charlottesville, VA in July 2015.

  • I am awaiting the next sharing, Devi, of where this fulfilling and challenging story is going. I am finding the context and the asides to be a good ‘vessel’ for what else seems to be coming into my life from old friends, and new acquaintances. Perhaps what is ‘going on’ is the path we are exploring and on each day is becoming more illuminated which enables one to ‘see.’
    I suggest others may want to check out what is being shared by Stephen Fulder at http://www.stephenfulder.com.
    More about and from him on that website.
    I understand you will be opening the door and showing this path to the Evolutionary Spirituality Group that we both currently attend. Yea!
    Arthur Rashap

  • I am hopeful after your special presentation of the background of Quadernity at the Evolutionary Spirituality group meeting on July 19, 2015 that we can begin an extended dialogue here, Devi. Might you consider sharing that presentation (text and images) somewhere on this website? That could be both a great additional introduction as well as a supplement to what is currently presented and will be shared for days three through seven.
    In anticipation . . . .
    Arthur Rashap

    • Thank you, Arthur, for your request. That presentation, “Evolving Back to Oneness” can now be found under the heading “Presentations”.


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