In the Beginning a Question Evoked Lucid Dreams

The Book of Quadernity has a beginning, middle and ending.  This unit is where it all begins.  The opening chapter explains what led up to the first morning meditations and their subsequent revelations.

The second chapter spells out the creation stories that were primarily cross-compared in order to interpret their phrasings and metaphors.  This chapter’s asides offer some historical background, and relevant psychological and philosophical points of view.

Links to the asides are provided (in purple text) at such times as you may want to go deeper into the topic at hand.  You could read them at that time or come back to them later, whichever way you prefer.  If you do open a link, keep in mind that when you later close that link you will be brought back to where you left off, so you will not be inconvenienced by exploring the asides.

Active Links to Chapters and Asides under this Heading:

Lucid Dreams and Library Angels (reading time ~20 minutes).

A Puzzle of Creation Stories, reading time ~40 minutes

A hierarchy of asides is linked to from this chapter:

Our Myths and Mysteries, reading time ~20 minutes, plus a secondary-level aside:

Change and Revolution, reading time ~ 20 minutes, plus a tertiary-level aside:

Philosophies and Non-Duality, reading time ~30 minutes

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