Initial Insights

The Initial Insights are told in five chapters that describe and graph the dynamics of the original Two-By-Two Model of Quadernity, which appeared, as if upon a chalkboard in my mind, in early morning visions that commenced in 1999.

In two ways, Quadernity is analogous to a hologram:

  1. our impression of the whole gathers detail and clarifies as we examine it from additional angles;
  2. and any version (or fragment) can represent* the full picture.

*Whereas cutting up a photograph would give fragments of the original image, cutting up a holographic record will, instead, multiply the image.  Every piece carries the information of the whole.

Like a hologram, all the implications of Quadernity can be extrapolated in depth and breadth from the original Chalkboard Model presented here in this unit, as well as from any of the later renderings presented in the unit, More Models Evolve.

Active Links to Chapters and Asides under This Heading:

Quadrants of Creation Appear in Chalkboard Visions (25 minutes)

Quadrants of Information Appear in Chalkboard Visions (1:15 hours)

Aside: Measurement Problems

The Chalkboard Quadrants: Divine Divisions (1:30 hours) includes four asides:

  1. Gender Roles with subsidiary aside:
  2. Patterns Matter
  3. Geometry of Universal Mother and Father
  4. Comparing Quadernity to Panpsychism

Pull * Transition * Push * Rest, Nature’s Ubiquitous Sequence (1:45 hours)

Paradoxical Chalkboard Visions (1:30 hours) includes two asides:

  1. Standard Feedback
  2. Positive and Negative Feedback

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