Site Orientation

Welcome and thank you for exploring Quadernity©, presented here as a full-length online blog-book.

Why use the blog format to write an entire book? 

The multimedia-friendly platform enables the use of images, graphics, animations, and video to unfold Quadernity historically, symbolically, scientifically and practically.

How is the site organized?

As a guide for this site’s organization, we can imagine Quadernity is the trunk of our tree.  The largest limbs are the main menu titles above the masthead graphic, which runs horizontally across the top of each page.

Please note each unit listed in the masthead has a landing page that provides orientation for that particular unit.  By clicking on the menu title itself, you will be taken to an introductory landing page for that heading.  Always visit the landing page of each unit first, keeping in mind that landing pages are not included in the unit’s drop-down menu.

Holding your cursor over mast-head titles (instead of clicking on them) will drop down a sub-menu of chapters in many, not all, of the units.  The sub-menu lists chapters branching from the main limbs that spread from the tree’s trunk.

Many of the branching chapters drop down further, into enriching asides that offer finer detail.  These asides could be more technical or specialized, or just something tangential to the post.  For some readers, the asides may be perceived as an immediately helpful augmentation, while other readers may rather return to them at a later time.  For those in the first camp, an easy-access purple link is provided where appropriate within the main text.  For those of the latter persuasion, you may skip the link on the first read through and indulge in them on the second read.  Alternatively, you may access the asides from the unit’s drop-down menu or from the site map at the bottom of any page.

As twigs with twists and turns extend from branches, so shall some asides branch off even further, into essays of finer and finer detail.  You may follow the drop-down menus as you might surf the internet.

Down at the finest level, like little nodes on twigs, there are clickable links (underlined and emboldened words or phrases) that provide definitions or supplemental information to enhance comprehension.

At the bottom of every page, you will find a Site Map that lists in sequential order all pages and asides.

Photos, Graphics and Video

Photos and graphics can be brought forward and enlarged by clicking on them.  You may even print from there if you choose to.  Use your back arrow to return to where you left off.

Start a video by clicking on the large white triangle in its center.  For best viewing, move your cursor off the video screen after activating.  If you wish to pause or rewind the video, pull your cursor back onto the viewing screen and the control buttons will again become visible.  The symbol that looks like a vertical equal sign will pause the viewing so you can study a slide.  To rewind for review, click and drag the progress bar back toward the left as far as desired.

Enhanced Comprehension

For best comprehension, readers are advised to move through the site as one would read a book, left to right across the main mast-head titles, and top down through the drop-down chapters and asides.

About the Masthead Units

Each masthead menu title listed below is an active link.  Should you choose to go directly to any of the units, just click the bold purple title and a worm-hole will bypass the space-time continuum and take you there immediately.  😉

Short summaries and approximate reading times are given below for each of the units’ chapters and asides.  The estimates include time to watch any included videos; however, time to follow optional links to websites providing peripheral information cannot be predicted.

The Introduction is the landing page for the entire online book, extending a welcome from the author to explore Quadernity.  (You probably just came from there.)

The Site Orientation: You are here now!

The Back Story includes a candid and intimate story of how I first fell onto my spiritual path.  Approximate reading time: 15 minutes.  (To be added: recitations of paranormal experiences throughout my adulthood.)

Testimonials is where you will find thorough and thoughtful assessments of my body of work by highly-regarded professionals whose own esteemed work has intersected in some way with Quadernity.

Following the units listed above, we get to the main body of work that is the Story of Quadernity.  I call it a story because it has a beginning, middle and ending.  First I tell how my lucid dreams began right after I questioned the comparison of two creation stories.  Then I show and tell how sequential Quadernity models were unveiled and how I came to understand them.  Finally, I explain how Quadernity serves as a “decoder ring” for the translation and unification of various creation stories, including especially the two that originally evoked the decades-long dream work.

Spoiler alert!  The creation stories turn out to be more like scientific treatises than fanciful mythologies.

Due to formatting constraints it is not possible to segregate the Story of Quadernity from the other masthead titles.  Although, I did name the first unit of the story In the Beginning a Question Evoked Lucid Dreams and the last unit of the story The Creation Stories are Reconciled After All.

At least here in this orientation, the Story of Quadernity is broken out from the supplemental units that surround it.  Its units, along with their summaries, are given as a whole in this indented aside.

Aside: Quadernity Story Units with Summaries  Don’t forget–just close the aside when finished with it and you will be brought right back here to continue reading the orientation without the inconvenience of trying to find where you left off.

This holds true for all asides. 🙂

The remaining units that follow the Story are listed below.  These units support the use of Quadernity’s models.  Individuals may use the models to enhance their relationships and general efficacy, recognize and fulfill their soul’s goals, and accelerate prosperity and creative expressions.  Those who serve the greater good by researching and teaching may use the models to solve problems ranging from community to planetary scales.

Included in Essential Vocabulary are words that were coined, out of necessity, especially for Quadernity.  Special definitions for ordinary words which have been used in a specific or uncommon way throughout this site.  Because common words often have multiple meanings, some that may even seem contrary, this unit insures that those who may be familiar with a word used in another context can become aware of additional etymological nuances made richly meaningful in light of Quadernity.

In Speculative Science and Philosophy the Quadernity Models are extended specifically to scientists and philosophers to be used as lenses through which their research and professional quests can be reviewed and perhaps even reconsidered.  (Additional chapters are forthcoming.)

In Practical Perspectives individuals can discover ways to apply Quadernity in ordinary settings, from promoting personal development to solving perennial problems of global importance.  The unit’s first chapter includes a goal-setting program: Overcoming the Otherwise.  Allow 1 hour, 30 minutes of reading time, including its six asides.  (Additional chapters are forthcoming.)

A few sample public appearances are archived in Presentations.  The programs are all video driven. Their times are listed with their descriptions on the landing page of this section.  (This section will be updated to stay current.)

The project of documenting Quadernity is a work in progress. New chapters, edits and revisions are ongoing.  If you want to report an error or wish to offer a suggestion to me confidentially, a form is available under the heading Contact Author.  Much appreciated.

Why was Quadernity written online and available for free? 

Quadernity© is a logically coherent, psychologically supportive and spiritually affirmative model that should be made available to everyone interested, regardless of their ability to pay.  Although offered freely for the benefit of all, the material presented is protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced for profit or personal gain.

Scientists will find within Quadernity points of departure to encourage new forms of experimentation.  Health care providers drawing on vibrational feedback loops may develop individualized healing modalities.  Mathematicians bringing ancient sacred knowledge to their explorations can expand their understanding of fractal-holographic complexity.  Philosophers may unravel a perennial problem with a simple twist in vocabulary.  Artists who dive deeply into the visual stimulus to participate knowingly in the process being illustrated shall inspire new works of depth, beauty and balance.  Practiced light workers and change agents may apply the principles of the model toward building systems and institutions that function as intended — responsively, equitably, and synergistically.  And professionals, in their respective fields, who begin crafting careful new questions will have the advantage of creating at the cutting-edge, enhancing both efficiency and efficacy, and driving daring new solutions toward the demands and challenges of our day.

As you harvest from this site (while honoring the copyright) the means to re-imagine your relationships or accelerate the trajectory of your creative endeavors, please share your experiences with me and the other readers.  To start or engage in a thought provoking conversation, a reply field is provided on every entry.

Fair Use Policy and Legal Disclaimer

Some of the illustrations on this site have been copied and pasted without knowing their original source.  If you are an artist whose work has not been credited, this is due to a lack of information on my part and no slight was intended.  I would appreciate having your written permission to keep showing these images, along with the credit due you.  Please inform me as to your copyright and how to correctly credit your work.

Links to other websites from this one should not be taken as endorsement of any kind.  Other views expressed on those sites may not reflect the views of this author.

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.  For further information on fair use, go to:

If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond fair use, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.

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