Men’s Group, Review – March 2014

The following are video segments of a review class I delivered to a Men’s Group on March 10, 2014.  That evening we had quite a few esteemed guests who were with us for the first time, so I wanted to cover the basics for them, and still have a little something new in the program for those who have previously attended other events.

Each of the sections below are videos of 10-15 minutes duration.  The “parts” that represent the body of the presentation are numbered sequentially.  Obviously, introductions and final remarks flank the program segments.

Coming up is Part Nine, in which  I mention the Golden Ratio.  Because of time constraints at our meeting and because most of the men to whom I presented were at least somewhat familiar with this unique proportion, I did not elaborate.  Since the Golden Ratio is a profound concept and quite popular among Sacred Geometry enthusiasts, most would agree it deserves more attention than I gave it.  In in the future, I will present an entire program on Sacred Geometry.  At that time, we will delve deeply into the magic of the Golden Ratio; however, for now, the addendum clip that follows will expand on the idea just enough to help anyone hearing it for the first time be better able to follow Part Nine without feeling lost.  There is no voice over; however, there should be ample time to read each slide.  Don’t forget you can freeze frame or rewind whenever necessary.

It may be helpful to take a little extra time to peruse the math in this final section.  To that end, I’ve recorded a new voice over that is less rushed, and hopefully a lot easier to follow, than the pacing of the recorded meeting.

The final video includes comments and questions from the audience.

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