More Models Evolve

Over the years, my daily lessons at dawn have delivered additional models of Quadernity.

Each model of Quadernity is like a lens through which we can look anew at old, unsolved challenges.  Doing so will surely evoke questions that have rarely, if ever, been considered.

Moreover, the answers to these novel questions will guide us and philosophers, scientists and other investigators, to explore mesmerizing mind-fields where missing pieces to confounding puzzles have lain for too long.

Taken together, all of the models of Quadernity reveal a pattern shared across the scales of Space-Time.  Familiar experiences from the scale of human life show up again and again, in scientific investigation of the smallest, shortest-lived units and the largest systems lasting eons, and yet again in the sacred texts of antiquity that prove that certain truths were known millennia ago, though mostly forgotten today.

We use a microscope to zoom in, or a telescope to zoom out, when we wish to observe what is otherwise invisible to us.  We use time-lapse photography to capture paths of slowly moving objects, and we use cameras with super-fast shutter speeds to freeze-frame a speeding object.  We use a map to overview a route, and we use a graph to overview a trend.  Quadernity is a tool of enhanced perception that allows us to re-discover the relationship between an actual thing and its unnoticed potentiality, to map together metaphysical patterns and physical matter into an irreducible fundamental element, and to vividly demonstrate the functional dynamism inherent in all relationships, whether:

  • between hierarchical dimensions, or scales, that are coordinated within a specific system,
  • between inter-related organisms/organizations operating laterally, or at the same scale,
  • or between the extreme scales at which the potential and actual, or the infinite and finite, interact.

Quadernity can be an efficacious tool of wholistic logic.  Using it may help you avoid travailing in vain.

Active Links to Chapters and Asides Under This Heading:

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PTPR in the PS, which includes a secondary aside:

The Ins and Outs of Yin and Yang

Two Way Communication and the PS, which includes a secondary aside:

The Magic of Human Communication

The Holarchy which includes a secondary aside:

Four Phrases for Four Phases

The Cylindrical Lattice Model of Quadernity (1 hour)

Equivalency of Primary Models of Quadernity (15 minutes)

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