A New Light on Creation

Each unit of Quadernity in turn presumes the reader has grasped the vocabulary, the revealing and sometimes quirky usage of language, the color-coding of gender-associated terms, and the geometric models of prior units.  This is especially so for this unit, which is the culmination of my  quest to answer the question that long ago captivated me and launched my morning dreams:

How can the ultimate truth, to which ancient creation stories point, be decoded from their various encryptions? 

To secure the sacred and preserve it for posterity the wise ancients buried their treasure of knowledge within fantastic stories that sufficiently distracted the uninitiated.  Even as the cover stories would inevitably morph with every retelling, debasement of the hidden truth was thus minimized.

Relevant aside offered again: Our Myths and Mysteries

Woven into the fabric of Quadernity are threads of ancient spiritual wisdom and recent scientific discoveries, meshing compatibly with the dual processes of Creation/OUTformation and INformation that integrate perpetually the myriad dimensions of the unified hierarchy: stacked up from the infinitesimal scale of quanta to the familiar scale of human perceptions, and beyond, to the vast scale of the cosmos.

Comparing Genesis and Tao te Ching

When I first tried to read the Bible I was a teenager.  I assumed what I was reading was to be taken literally, as one is prone to do after being told that the Bible contains the words of God, which are infallible.

By the time I got to ‘Days’ Three and Four, I was scratching my head.  On ‘Day Three’ God had Earth bring forth grasses, herbs and other green plants, and on ‘Day Four’ God put the greater and lesser lights in the sky (presumably the sun and moon).  I already understood enough about photosynthesis by then to recognize that this sequence of ‘Days’ was out of order.  The proclaimed infallibility of the Bible was, as far as I was concerned, overturned by the time I finished five paragraphs.

When I read the Tao te Ching in 1999 (at age 45) I realized that its creation story (Chapter Forty-Two) could not be taken literally; it is most certainly symbolic!  Thirty years after defenestrating the creation story of the Bible, I revisited Genesis to see whether perhaps it was also symbolic rather than literal.

After several readings of one story, then the other, I saw no apparent way to align the two.  Undaunted, I was convinced that if both stories were telling of the wherewithal necessary for something to come into being that previously had never been, then both stories MUST be talking about the same thing, even if they were saying it differently!

An intense imperative arose in me to discover the shared secret encrypted between the lines of Genesis and symbolized by the numerical sequencing of the Tao te Ching’s creation story.

What happened next has been shared already in the unit In the Beginning so I will just say here that after only a few days of intense intrigue a Rosetta Stone-like translator began unfolding in my morning dreams.

Eventually coalescing under the title ‘Quadernity’, the revealed perspectives/models demonstrated that the Days of Creation in Genesis actually spell out a scientifically-sensible sequence of steps, all of which are absolutely necessary to contextualize creation and, moreover, every earthling’s journey.

The creation story of Genesis, at its surface level, was impossible to assimilate.  By digging into it, however, a deep truth was awaiting discovery.

Niels Bohr offers this pertinent paradox:

A simple truth is a truth where the opposite is not true.  A deep truth is a truth where the opposite is also true.

A simple truth is superficial.  As a teenager, I was capable of reading only at a surface level, with words landing literally in my mind.  A deep truth, even when torn to bits over time, somehow survives in nooks and crannies to be found and revived, sooner or later, by earnest investigators.

My lucid dream experiences, which persist with regularity even now, have enabled me to decode the creation stories of several traditions, not merely the two that initially captivated me.  In studying multiple ancient wisdom texts, I was stunned to learn that all of the scriptures are less mythological, and far more scientific, than previously assumed.

Quadernity’s interpretation of the Creation Days of Genesis seamlessly traces physical involution and metaphysical evolution — from the differentiation of cells to the enlightenment of mankind.

We are taught that ‘faith’ means believing in something we cannot see or reason for ourselves; we are directed to have faith because we are convinced by an authority that it is owed by us to an anthropomorphized God.

When we, by our own reason and logic instead, discern the truth at the root of these few cryptically communicated creation stories, we may naturally (without threats or promises) develop a budding faith that some of the ancients were both sophisticated and wise and intentionally leaving us important knowledge to unlock when we are ready.  Not all the ancients were as primitive as we have been taught.

The Upcoming Chapters

There are numerous versions of the Holy Bible.

For your reference, the three most commonly used by Christian churches in America are compared, line by line, in this Aside: The Seven Days of Creation from Genesis.  When I quote from Genesis in this unit, it will be from one of these three versions.

The first paragraph of Genesis consists of only three sentences.

  1. In the beginning God created the heaven(s) and the earth.
  2. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
  3. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

The first sentence can be thought of as a topic sentence, telling us of what is to come.  What can be deduced, and what should not be deduced, from this sentence will be explored briefly in the Prologue of this unit.

The second sentence of Genesis tells us of the state prior to the first official “Day” of Creation.  Regarding this ground state, much more than a single sentence is offered in the Rig Veda, so we will use that scripture and others to help us expand our understanding of the primordial conditions when the earth/Corporeality remained empty and formless, and when darkness was upon the the-face-of-the-deep/Consciousness.  (Light, which engages both mind and matter, comes later).  Appropriately, we will explore the ground state prior to creation in Chapter Zero.

The third sentence introduces the spirit of God.  Spirit translates to breath in most languages.  Spirit moves upon the face of the “waters”.  The “waters” are not the waters we know here on earth, but the plenum of potentiality which, at that point, still remained in darkness.  Before God even requested the light, Spirit made the first move.  We will explore this first movement in Chapter One.

Chapters Two through Eight cover the official Seven Days of Creation, as told in Genesis — Chapters Two through Seven cover the six active Days of Creation, and Chapter Eight covers the Seventh Day, known as the Day of Rest.

Chapter Nine completes the circuit, returning us to the undifferentiated ground state of Chapter Zero.  By the end of this unit, we will have recounted a full cycle.

A Few Words about Numbers

Zero is curvy (0), like the Female.  One is phallic (1), like the Male.

We cannot count by zero (nothing).  This is obvious to us all.  What is far less obvious is that neither can we count a single one (the unit itself), for to count one thing, something else must be discounted.  Only if there are two things, either in contrast or similarity, is the act of counting possible.  Counting not only involves the comparison of two things, but requires a third to do the counting.

We take note that God, as receptive (“Let there be…”) Observer (God sees … that it is good), accounts always for contrasting pairs:

  • First Day: light and darkness (radiation and gravity)
  • Second Day: firmament dividing waters above (beyond/outside) from below (within/inside)
  • Third Day: alternation of seeds (INformation) and plants (OUTformation)
  • Fourth Day: greater and lesser lights (symmetry breaking)
  • Fifth Day: birds and fish (organisms and organizations)
  • Sixth Day: great mammals and man (animal instincts and human enlightenment)

God is the one for whom things count, or make a difference, or truly matter.  However, it is not He who caused Creation; that was between the pre-existent waters/plenum/Substance/Female and the movement of spirit/Structure/Male.  (Click on Cymatics for a refresher on how movement/vibration produces an order/Structure in the chaos of Substance.)

The ten numerals, zero through nine, form all of our numbers.

The values, zero and nine, have an equivalency in this unit, just as they do in digital root math.  In digital root math, all positive integers are reduced to a single digit.  10 is 1 + 0, or 1.  11 is 1 + 1, or 2.  19 is 1 + 9, or 10, which reduces again to 1.  49 = 4 + 9, or 13, which is 1 + 3, or 4.  As you can see, the result of adding nine has the same effect as adding zero.

The first ten numerals are zero through nine, by which we can recount the full cycle of Creation beginning and ending with the Ground state.  The left hand (five fingers/digits) makes the descending half of the circuit.  Turning around between the pinky fingers, the right hand makes the ascending half of the circuit.  Are our prayerful hands (total of ten digits) unknowingly illustrating this mirror symmetry?

Think of the two thumbs, standing apart from the eight fingers/digits, as the transcendent Ground state that precedes and follows Creation (Chapters Zero and Nine).  The initial movement by Spirit (Chapter One) is balanced by God’s Rest at the end of activity (Chapter Eight).

The numeral 1 (left forefinger) stands for the singularity, the only time pure Spirit engenders Creation (Chapter One), and the numeral 8 (right forefinger) stands for infinity, when Observer/Creator ceases activity and Rests (Chapter Eight).

The six remaining fingers (from middle finger of the left hand down to its pinky and then from the right-hand pinky back up to the right-hand middle finger) represent the Six active Days of Creation.  As these three pairs of touching fingers suggest, the Six Days align their creations in mirror fashion.  More about that in The Creation Stories are Reconciled After All.

Final Welcoming Note

Just because this unit is formatted around the Days of Creation recounted in Genesis, it does not mean that its content will be of interest only to those who practice a Judeo-Christian religion or are oriented by a particular denomination.

Creation stories are of interest to most of us, albeit for different reasons:

  • Physicists are interested in how virtual particles pop out of the void.
  • Biologists are interested in how new species emerge.
  • Chemists are interested in sudden phase transitions.
  • Complexity theorists are interested in emergent behaviors.
  • Mathematicians are interested to learn how rational numbers can come from the conjugating of irrational numbers.
  • We, ourselves, are interested in becoming more effectively creative in all aspects of our lives.

Quadernity, the blog-book, is an artistic expression; it is meant neither as an academic critique of sacred scriptures nor of modern sciences; therefore, I invite you: two billion Christians, one and a half billion Muslims, one billion Hindus, hundreds of millions of Buddhists and Taoists, twenty-five million Sikhs, fourteen million Jews, as well as you: countless eager students of comparative religion, spirituality, philosophy and physics, to please unleash your own curiosity to explore the trans-dogmatic discoveries revealed here, as Quadernity shines “a new light on creation“.

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