A New Light on Creation

In 1999, when I read the Tao te Ching and compared it with the Bible’s Book of Genesis, curiosity captivated me for days on end.  I wondered how two creation stories told so differently could possibly be describing the same event: the origin of the Created Universe?  After several days of persistent questioning I had my first lucid dream.  If that was not surprising enough, the spectacular dreams recurred daily, compelling me to notice their patterns and proportions, as well as their propensity to initiate within me peculiar and abstract interpretations.

For nearly two decades now (2018), I awaken most mornings being presented with vivid patterns and graphical models, the meaning of which I somehow intuitively understand, but nevertheless research for confirmation.  From these dreams and from cross-referencing the aforementioned scriptures with the Rig Veda and Enuma Elish, scattered bits of ancient wisdom that had been secreted away in divergent creation stories eventually converged into a coherent message.

Astonishingly, my dramatic dreams offered an answer to my original question: How could dissimilar stories be describing the same event?  Even an enigmatic math formula appeared crystal-clear in one morning’s dream, addressing my curiosity from yet another perspective.

In pattern recognition we detect behaviors, stimuli, or appearances that are consistent across various scales, time frames, or expressed by diverse entities.  Even more important than noticing shared attributes is that we home-in on the precise nature of the commonality.  Bringing a wide-spread generality to precise prominence may seem oxymoronic; and yet, this is the exact endeavor of this blog-book entitled Quadernity.

When used like a skeleton key, the archetypally FemaleMale dynamic that gradually unfolded (and came to be named Quadernity), unlocked the unanimous Truth that had been preserved for posterity by sages of oldBy decoding their cryptic stories, Quadernity had uniquely unified them!

Quadernity is the common denominator of all entity/systems, despite differences in names/properties/attributes and regardless of scale.  Unique in its universality, Quadernity is fundamental/essential to every dynamic enterprise, including that of the Universe itself.

  • The Universe INforms holographically, meaning that anything knowable can be known anywhere-when.  Having a particular where-when orientation, or a personal perspective, is that which limits access to what can be known.
  • The Universe OUTforms fractally, meaning that it is self-similar at all scales, adhering — as it does throughout — to a singular dynamic.  The models of Quadernity elucidate the manner by which contiguous dimensions are connected within the dynamic, thereby unifying all scales seamlessly.
  • The dynamic Universe is alive.  It breathes through oscillation, constantly unfolding and enfolding, descending and ascending, involving and evolving, or, in terms of Quadernity: OUTforming and INforming.

In studying the multiple ancient wisdom texts, I was stunned to learn that these scriptures are less mythological, and far more scientific, than previously assumed.  Through the power of Quadernity’s multiple perspectives/models this unit will demonstrate that the Days of Creation in Genesis (including the oft-ignored Day Zero!) actually spell out a scientifically-sensible sequence of steps, all of which are absolutely necessary to contextualize every earthlings’ journey.  Quadernity’s interpretation of the multiple Creation Days of Genesis seamlessly traces physical involution and metaphysical evolution, from nascent individualization all the way to the spiritual enlightenment of mankind.

Quadernity, the blog-book, is an artistic expression; it is meant neither as an academic critique of sacred scriptures nor of modern sciences; therefore, I invite you: two billion Christians, one and a half billion Muslims, one billion Hindus, hundreds of millions of Buddhists and Taoists, twenty-five million Sikhs, fourteen million Jews, as well as you: countless eager students of comparative religion, spirituality, philosophy and physics, to please unleash your own curiosity to explore the trans-dogmatic discoveries revealed as Quadernity shines “a new light on creation“.

Chapters are presently under construction.  Please check back soon.

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