A New Light on Creation

The Tao te Ching activated my deep curiosity about creation stories and initiated mysterious morning visions (refer to A Puzzle of Creation Stories).

Later, the Rig Veda cinched my grasp on a subtle secret — that the ground-state prior to creation was not featureless.

The first few sentences of the Bible’s Book of Genesis provided the schematic upon which Quadernity is founded.

By comparing and cross-referencing phrases from these three scriptures of different times and cultures, a translation key was derived, which allows us to decode the cryptic writings in which our ancestors preserved for posterity their understanding of how nothing can suddenly become something.

Though this site is not meant as an academic critique of sacred scriptures, nor of modern sciences, the sharing of Quadernity offers a thought-provoking, artistic expression of what I have learned along the way from my quest for truth, and how, in the long-run, it has helped me and others optimize our lives by organizing them around what matters most to us, and to the world-at-large.

Eventually the full Seven Days of Creation in Genesis offered an apt story-telling structure by which enriching layers and nuances could be added through a naturally evolving sequence.  In this section, we will dive deeply into all the Days of Creation, exploring each from multiple angles.  Having voyaged all the Days, studying each through the lens of Quadernity, your prized souvenirs include an entirely new perspective on the process of creative evolution, and, I suspect, the surprise of Day Zero.

To you, two billion Christians, one billion Hindus, hundreds of millions of Taoists, fourteen million Jews, and also to you, eager students of comparative religion, spirituality, philosophy and physics, I say, “Welcome to Quadernity!  We are shining a new light on creation.”