A New Light on Creation

When I first tried to read the Bible I was a teenager.  I assumed what I was reading was to be taken literally, as one is prone to do after being told that the Bible contains the words of God, which are infallible.

By the time I got to ‘days’ three and four, I was scratching my head.  On ‘day three’ God had Earth bring forth grasses, herbs and other green plants, and on ‘day four’ God put the greater and lesser lights in the sky (presumably the sun and moon).  I already understood enough about photosynthesis by then to recognize that this sequence of ‘days’ was out of order.  The proclaimed infallibility of the Bible was, as far as I was concerned, overturned by the time I finished five paragraphs.

When I read the Tao te Ching in 1999 (at age 45) I realized that its creation story (Chapter Forty-Two) cannot be taken literally; it is most certainly symbolic!  Thirty years after defenestrating the creation story of the Bible, I revisited Genesis to see whether it perhaps was also symbolic, rather than literal.

After several readings of one story, then the other, I saw no apparent way to align them.  Undaunted, I was convinced that if both stories were telling of the wherewithal necessary for something to come into being that previously had never been, then both stories MUST be saying precisely the same thing!

Niels Bohr offers this pertinent paradox:

A simple truth is a truth where the opposite is not true.  A deep truth is a truth where the opposite is also true.

A simple truth is superficial.  As a teenager, I was capable of reading only at a surface level, with words landing literally in my mind.  A deep truth, even when torn to bits over time, survives in nooks and crannies to be found and revived, sooner or later, by earnest investigators.

An intense imperative arose in me to discover the shared secret encrypted between the lines of Genesis and in the numerical sequencing of the Tao te Ching.  As this story has been shared already in the unit Journey Begins I will just say here that, within a week, Quadernity began presenting itself to me hypnopompically.  Little did I know at the time, but a Rosetta Stone-like translator was emerging, which would, over the next couple of decades, enable me to decode the creation stories of several traditions, not just the two that initially captivated me.

In studying multiple ancient wisdom texts, I was stunned to learn that these scriptures are less mythological, and far more scientific, than previously assumed.  Through the power of Quadernity’s multiple perspectives/models this unit will demonstrate that the Days of Creation in Genesis (including the oft-ignored Day Zero!) actually spell out a scientifically-sensible sequence of steps, all of which are absolutely necessary to contextualize every earthlings’ journey.  Quadernity’s interpretation of the multiple Creation Days of Genesis seamlessly traces physical involution and metaphysical evolution, from nascent individualization all the way to the spiritual enlightenment of mankind.

Am I encouraging you to believe the creation story as it is told in Genesis?  Of course not.  I declare this creation story to be untrue, as it is simply seen at the surface.  By digging into it, however, a deep truth awaits discovery.

We are told that ‘faith’ means believing in something we cannot see or reason for ourselves; we must have faith because we are convinced by an authority that it is for our own good, or owed by us to an anthropomorphized God.

When we, by our own reason and logic, discern the truth at the root of these few cryptically communicated creation stories, we may naturally (without threats or promises) develop a budding faith that some ancients were sophisticated and wise, and not all were so primitive as we have been taught.

The Upcoming Chapters

The first paragraph of Genesis consists of only three sentences.  Each sentence is of such profound importance that it is given its own chapter.

The initial three chapters contemplate what has been said in various scriptures about the state/conditions prior to the Seven Days of Creation, as officially told in Genesis.

Day One, when God sees the light and divides it from darkness, is the topic of Chapter Four.  Chapters Four through Ten cover the Seven Days of Creation, as told in Genesis.

By the end of this unit, we will recount the ‘days’ of creation.  Beginning with Day Zero, we will wrap back around with Day Nine.  For those of you who appreciate numbers for more than simple counting, all the ‘days’ will be accounted for by our ten digits.  One hand makes half the circuit, and the other hand completes the circle, in mirror symmetry.

Just because this unit is formatted around the Seven Days of Creation in Genesis, it does not mean that it will be of interest only to those who practice a Judeo-Christian religion or are oriented by a particular denomination.

Creation stories are of interest to most of us, albeit for different reasons:

  • Physicists are interested in how virtual particles pop out of the void.
  • Biologists are interested in how new species emerge.
  • Chemists are interested in sudden phase transitions.
  • Complexity theorists are interested in emergent behaviors.
  • Mathematicians are interested to learn how rational numbers can come from the squaring of irrational numbers.
  • We, ourselves, are interested in becoming more effectively creative in all aspects of our lives.

Quadernity, the blog-book, is an artistic expression; it is meant neither as an academic critique of sacred scriptures nor of modern sciences; therefore, I invite you: two billion Christians, one and a half billion Muslims, one billion Hindus, hundreds of millions of Buddhists and Taoists, twenty-five million Sikhs, fourteen million Jews, as well as you: countless eager students of comparative religion, spirituality, philosophy and physics, to please unleash your own curiosity to explore the trans-dogmatic discoveries revealed as Quadernity shines “a new light on creation“.

With that welcoming encouragement, we prepare to set sail for our Journey of Days.  “All aboard!”

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