A New Light on Creation

Long ago, the unanimous Truth of ancient sages was scattered in bits, secreted away until such time as we might have “eyes that see and ears that hear”. 

In 1999, when I read the Tao te Ching and compared it with the Bible’s Book of Genesis, curiosity captivated me.

A question, deeply held for days on end, initiated my morning dreams:

How could two creation stories that sound so radically different possibly be describing the same event: Universal Creation?

These first two scriptures were later cross-referenced with the Rig Veda and the Enuma Elish, and as Quadernity unfolded, layer by layer, through nearly two decades of dreams, its elegant models graphically revealed a surprisingly singular message.  Even the enigmatic math formula that appeared crystal-clear in one morning’s dream was all-along answering that same persistently-held question.

A common ground emerged.  The archetypal dynamic came to be like a skeleton key, capable of unlocking the cryptic creation stories that were preserved for posterity by diverse cultures spanning thousands of years.  By decoding the divergent doctrines, Quadernity uniquely unified them.

The creation stories from Genesis and the Tao te Ching are finally reconciled in this unit.  The biggest surprise from studying multiple ancient wisdom texts is the discovery that these scriptures are less mythological and far more scientific than I would have ever expected.

Meant neither as an academic critique of sacred scriptures, nor of modern sciences, Quadernity is an artistic expression.  That being said, the multiple perspectives of Quadernity models prepare us to see that the full Seven Days of Creation in Genesis (plus the oft-ignored Day Zero!) spell out a scientifically-sensible sequence of steps, all of which are absolutely necessary for the evolution and resolution of humankind.

Quadernity’s interpretation of the Seven Days takes us from our nascent individuation to our purposeful reintegration.  Each essential step will be explicated in this unit.  Having voyaged all the Days, your prized souvenirs include an entirely new perspective on Involution and Evolution.

To you, two billion Christians, one and a half billion Muslims, one billion Hindus, hundreds of millions of Buddhists and Taoists, fourteen million Jews, and also to you, countless eager students of comparative religion, spirituality, philosophy and physics, I invite you to share in the trans-denominational discoveries that are revealed as Quadernity shines “a new light on creation.”

Chapters are presently under construction.  Please check back soon.

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