Philosophical and Scientific Essays

Some of the essays in this unit will assume you have read the rest of the book before getting this far.  A warning or direction to recommended reading will accompany the essays requiring that for full comprehension.

Quadernity is like a decoder ring, helping us link sacred texts with Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Consciousness Studies and theories developing in nascent fields of study, such as Information, Complexity and Chaos.

So far, only a few chapters are listed in this unit.  All except one, Particles and Waving Fields, have served as previous asides to chapters in other units.  Nevertheless, I thought it might make sense to also have them here, grouped with other writings of a philosophical or scientific bent.

Through the thoroughly balanced dynamic of Quadernity, new speculations sparkle that can unify gravity with other forces, address the issues of quantum measurement and nonduality and explain the exposition of space by OUTformed corporeality and the imposition of time by INformed consciousness.

Please check back in.  Future posts are forthcoming.

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