Philosophical and Scientific Contexts for Quadernity

Quadernity ties the Bible’s creation story with the creation stories of the Rig Veda and Tao te Ching, which both precede Genesis.  They all turn out to be as much scientific allegory as they are historical record.

Quadernity acts as a key to translation, making relevant these ancient stories, which erroneously have been taken literally or dismissed as mere mythologies.  Quadernity is like a decoder ring, helping us link sacred texts with Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Consciousness Studies and theories developing in nascent fields of study, such as Information, Complexity and Chaos.

Through the lens of Quadernity, a thoroughly balanced dynamic, new speculations sparkle that can unify gravity with other forces, and explain the exposition of space by OUTformed corporeality and the imposition of time by INformed consciousness.

Apparently, in the 21st century, we are just beginning to explore some of the astonishingly accurate wisdom teachings from thousands of years ago!

Thanks for checking in.  Chapters are under construction.