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The Audio/Visual Presentations

Evolving Back to Oneness – July 2015

Do Your Questions Serve Your Quest? – September 2014

Men’s Group, Module 7, August 2014

Men’s Group, Review – March 2014

Imago and the Image of God – Fall 2008



Devi says this work is the culmination of 16 years of daily receptions. I have been ‘exploring’ the world she is so fully and perceptively sharing for a longer period than that. In this incarnation, I have had a myriad of experiences both professionally and socially, running from Wall Street Lawyer and Investment Banker, to arts administrator, to a variety of relationships with real estate sales and development, to a fascinating involvement with ginseng and the entire world of herbal and complementary medicine. Mixed through all that has been a search for “Who am I” and “Why and I here” (read”We” for “I”). The question of where is “here” also arises.

I met Devi in a group that meets to discuss Evolutionary Spirituality and Enlightenment. These first two chapters and their asides include and partake of all that I have been reading and studying with authors like (and this list is not inclusive but suggestive of those who have taken a look at the macrocosm that Devi is unfolding for us):
Amit Gosami; Ray Kurzweil; Ervin Laszlo; Bernard Haisch; Jude Currivan; David Ian Cowan; Michaelle Small Wright; Karen Armstrong; Arnold Mindell; Brian Wallace; John James; Deepak Chopra. I also bow to Michael Newton and his trainees who has been put into a silo and basically ignored with his great work on Life Between Lives as well Andrew Cohen for his teachings and insights into Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Devi’s work is something to live with and work with. Her asides are fabulous and the interjection of the images, the videos and the research she has done to bring in the spiritual, scientific, and artistic components make me want to live with what she is sharing on a daily basis.

So, treat yourself to a most amazing trip – join in the reading, the thinking, and perhaps if we can persuade Devi to take a break once in a while from her creation, to gather together to share, discuss, and further the trip.

Arthur Rashap

Thank you, Arthur, for your kind words. I am humbled to be compared to the authors you listed. And I look forward to participating in the sharing gatherings you suggest.

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