The 3D Manipulable Model of Quadernity

Quadernity, in the form of a 3D manipulable model, can serve as a lens through which researchers in numerous fields of study can view their subject anew.  By asking new questions, of course, the researchers shall get new answers and potentially make breakthrough discoveries.

It is assumed that you are quite familiar with the vernacular of Quadernity before using this model.  Its labels are brief due to spatial limitations.  In-depth explanations are provided in the body of work preceding this unit.

A link is provided at the end of this page which will take you directly to a model that you can manipulate in size and orientation.  Before opening that link some tips are offered to enhance your interactive experience:

(Available as a printable pdf at the bottom of this page.)

When you first open the link this is what you will see:

At first glance, the image may be curious, if not confusing.  You probably recognize the color-coding of surfaces, however.  Each surface is green on one side and blue on the other side.  From previous units you remember that green indicates Female (who delivers Corporeal Matter as OUTput into the physical domain of Mother Earth) and blue indicates Male (who delivers Patterns of Consciousness as OUTput into the metaphysical domain of Father Sky).

Surprisingly, no labels are readable from the initial orientation.  You must use your mouse or trackpad to change the orientation.  Click on the model and hold while dragging your finger upward until the model has labels visible above and below it, like this:

At this point, depending on which set of labels you are exploring, you may need to make the model a bit smaller so that all text in both the upper and lower labels is fully visible on the screen.  To shrink the model, on your mouse or track-pad lightly run your finger upward/away from you (zooming out).  Toward you (zooming in) will enlarge the model.  You will find it quite sensitive to the touch, so feel free to play with it a bit, running your finger upward/away and downward/toward yourself until the size is as large as it can be while keeping all the text in the upper and lower labels completely on-screen.  If you shrink the model all the way to invisibility, do not panic; just draw your finger toward yourself and you will see it reappear.

After resizing, you will want to begin reading the labels on both sides of the four segments (two large-outer and two small-inner).  To accomplish this you will need to swivel the model from side to side.  Again, with your mouse or track-pad click on the model and drag it from side to side or tilting it as you please.  Just remember: to change the model’s orientation, rather than its size, you must click and drag.  Merely touching the mouse or pad lightly will serve only to enlarge or shrink the model.

All of this may seem more complicated than it actually is; however, you will quickly master it.  As with learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car, the initial awkwardness is soon replaced with a graceful hand-eye coordination.

The model is manipulable by you the viewer in your own time; therefore, you can enjoy exploring all of its angles and making your own discoveries of profound patterns and principles.

Before you begin your increasingly agile exploration, a little more orientation is in order.


The entire model is constructed of two triangular surfaces, each with a wide base and a pointy apex.  Think of the base growing toward the vast infinity and think of the point shrinking toward the infinitesimally small.

The uppermost labels on the screen are above a gap between the two surfaces.  Correlate this gap with the Private Nighttime Relationship of the Chalkboard Model of Quadernity (below): where the Male‘s OUTput becomes the Female‘s INput.  The Male, in the act of INforming, delivers to the Female a metaphysical Pattern in reaction to a sensual/physical experience.

The labels lowest on the screen tell us what is happening at the front seam, where the two triangles intersect.  This is what the Chalkboard Model of Quadernity (above) describes as the Public Daytime Relationship: where the Female‘s OUTput becomes the Male‘s INput.  The Female, in the act of Creating/OUTforming, physically Substantiates a metaphysical Structure, delivering Patterned Matter to receptive Male who Observes it in the physical domain.

Together the Female and Male coordinate their actions to function like a feedback system (see below).  Each partner’s OUTput is the INput of the other.

Feedback between the Female and Male would be, once initiated, entirely closed, as seen in the illustration above.  This kind of feedback is possible to persist indefinitely in the context of mathematics.  However, natural dynamical systems cannot be both persistent and exclusively closed.  To replenish the energy lost to heat/entropy in each round, the system must, at least occasionally, acquire additional resources (whatever sources it again) from above/beyond their own feedback.

The gap in our model is a metaphorical representation of the bardo between life cycles, or a synapse between nerve cells, or the brief rest between your breaths.  Here exists the possibility of system initiation, creativity, refreshment and evolution.


Look just above the model to find a horizontal listing of different sets of labels.  When you click on one of the categories listed, its labels will appear on the model.  Also, its title will be displayed in a larger font above the listed categories.  On this opening model, find the title ‘Quadernity Labels’ above the category bar and below your search engine windows and bookmarks.

I recommend that you print out the orientation given above so that you can have it on hand as you are working with the model.  Here is the link to a pdf version of the instructions:  Manipulable Model Orientation.

The Chalkboard Model of Quadernity gave us four labels for the process of OUTformation and four for the process of INformation, for a total of eight labels.  I recommend you not go onto to other categories until you have found each of the eight labels on the manipulable model and understand or intuitively grasp why they are where they are on this new model and how each has a functional fit essential to a minimal dynamical system.

Quadernity, in all of its various models, consistently demonstrates that the minimal possible dynamical system must necessarily coordinate two processes: OUTformation and INformation, which involve two causal agents (considered Female and Male for their opposite functionalities) who receive INput from each other and produce OUTput for each other.

By comparing the various categories provided (which reflect topics discussed within the preceding units of the book) we begin to understand how Quadernity can be applied as a tool of logic, regardless of the field of study.

With all this said, I give you the long-awaited link to the Manipulable Model, which has been made possible by my amazing graphics artist, Paul Saletzki.  Many thanks, Paul!!!

Have fun!  Reach out to me, using the contact form, if you want individual help.

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