Quadrants of Information Appear in Chalkboard Visions

In the previous chapter, Quadrants of Creation, we were introduced to the Creator and Created.  In due time, the Creative and Creatable were also shown as functionally necessary to the full process of Creation:

Chalkboard Visions 23-39.005As we can see in the reprinted graphic above, two arrows pointed downward.  The white chalked arrow indicates the act of Creating.  The meaning of the dark-dashed arrow will become relevant soon enough.

Some while after Creation’s labels were established, new words appeared in the lower quadrants.  The term Informable joined the Creator already in the left quadrant.  On the right, Informative shared the quadrant with the Created.

Chalkboard Visions 32.001These new labels make sense.  The relationship between the words is inherent, emphasizing that anything Created/Observed is Informative; and anyone who can Perceive/Observe/Measure is Informable.

Science expects an effect to have a cause.  Quadernity leads us to suspect that every Created thing has an Informable receptor awaiting Informative signals.

In Genesis, the Informable (receptive) Creator awaits the Informative (expressive) Created, as seen below:

From the Bible:

God says, Let there be light. 

The Created light nicely fulfills the Creator’s expectation.

And there is light.  God sees the light, that it is good.

One morning’s chalkboard vision spelled out ‘Informing‘ on a white chalked arrow rising diagonally from the lower left quadrant (LLQ) toward the upper right quadrant (URQ).

Chalkboard Visions 23-39.007

Compare the arrow for Informing, pointing upward, to the white chalk arrow for Creating, pointing downward.

The insight that Creating and Informing are inverse actions is not naturally intuited.  By coining a new word, we make this fact blatently obvious.  The opposite of INforming is OUTforming!  INformation and OUTformation are coupled processes, forever dynamically engaged.

The word-play and linguistics of Quadernity facilitate understanding of its thesis.  So that new words quickly become useful for you, Essential Vocabulary offers expanded meanings.  Check out Vocabulary:  Feedback of INformation and OUTformation.

The act of Creating/OUTforming mediates between the four-quadrant functionaries of Creation/OUTformation.  Following the parallel, but inverse, structure, we expect the act of Informing to mediate the entire process of *INformation.

*We are using the noun ‘INformation’ to identify a process.  This is not to be confused with the word’s more common usage, which denotes bits of data, as it is used in the following quote.

From The Bit and the Pendulum, by Tom Siegfried:

Obtaining information is the very essence of observation.

This outcome of ‘observing‘ is more obvious than Siegfried’s previous assertion (see previous essay), which claimed that observing an electron or photon is the act that causes a probability wave to forfeit super-position and to assume particular properties.

According to Siegfried, the act of Observing both OUTforms and INforms!  Both INformed consciousness (URQ) and OUTformed corporeality (LRQ) are outcomes of the act of Observing.

Sure enough, we see from the quadrants above that OUTforming and INforming concur at the same juncture.  Before Observing, the label at this juncture was originally ‘Seeing’, as in,

God sees the light, that it is good.

Beyond visual perception, Observing is a word that can be used synonymously with measuring, encountering, interfering and entangling.

It remains a mystery, even with today’s state-of-the-art technology in quantum physics, how an Observation/measurement/encounter produces the collapse of super-position into a singular position.   And, in consciousness studies, how an Observation/measurement/encounter with stimulus can evoke qualia continues to be an unsolved ‘hard problem‘.  An aside offers an outline of both Measurement Problems and explains how these “problems” are tackled by Quadernity.

With the new labels in place, it was obvious there were two remaining labels to figure out, and quick work was made of that.

It is through the act Creating/OUTforming that the LRQ is Created/OUTformed.  Keeping to the symmetry, it is through the act of INforming that the URQ is INformed.  ‘Informed’ becomes the label for the upper right quadrant.

As was the case in the Quadrants of Creation, the final quadrant to be named is the ULQ.  The upper left quadrant is the most mysterious!

The label ‘Creator’ (LLQ) was legitimately assigned only after something had been Created (LRQ).  Using the obvious parallel structure, we can determine that the ULQ’s missing suffix should reflect the doer, as in the ‘or’ of Creator.  Only after someone or something has become Informed, can the ‘Informer‘ be recognized.

The labels, ‘Informer’ and ‘Informed’, thus placed in the ULQ and URQ, respectively, indicate that the Informed is also Creative, and the Informer is Creatable.

Pattern of Suffixes

A pattern of suffixes has unfolded.

  • The __-ables (Informable and Creatable) were both Subjects in the left column, indicating the potential abilities of the actively causal agents of Observation, the Creator and the Informer, respectively.
  • The __-ives (Informative and Creative) were both Objects in the right column, indicating the potential effectiveness of passive products of Observation, the Created and the Informed, respectively.

Subjects and Objects in INformation and OUTformation

For a short refresher on Subjects and Objects, which were introduced in the Quadrants of Creation through the SVO sequence (Subject-Verb-Object), visit  Vocabulary: Subjectivity and Objectivity.

The INformable and Creatable, as causal agents, are active Subjects.  The Informed and Created, as effects of a Subject’s action, are passive Objects.

Contrary to what the diagonal arrows might suggest, the Creatable Informer (LLQ) does not become the Informative Created (URQ).  Subjects act to produce Objects; however, they do not become the Objects of their actions.  A mother does not become her baby; this is common sense.

Less evident is the fact that the Informable Creator Subject (LLQ) does not become the Creative Informed Object (URQ).  We may relate to being curious/Informable when we ask a question, and then feel we have become Informed when our question is answered.  It does seem that we are Informable and thus become Informed.  However, the memories we recall are patterns, or Objects in Consciousness.

Consciousness is the Informed. 

We are Informable.  When we Observe/encounter something, our reactions produce patterns that radiate energy outward into the space beyond our bodies.  These emanating patterns form the Informed Consciousness, also known as the noosphere, the collective unconscious, or the Akashic Records.  Spanning the universe, from the subatomic to the cosmic scales, Consciousness transcends all of us who make the patterns by which it is Informed.

The good news is Consciousness is holographic, meaning that any of its patterns are accessible from anywhere, at any time, by anyone.  See article on Remote Viewing.

It is easiest, of course, to access the patterns that we, ourselves, have made.  This is because we are much more likely to precisely attune ourselves to our own previous energy patterns than we would be to tune into others’ memories.  See Holographic Associative Memory.

Our vibrational patterns bring to our receptive mind the experiential feelings we had when we made the memory.  Just like tuning a radio will pick up omnipresent invisible signals and convert them into audible programming, we receive whatever information we tune into through our resonant energies.

Ultimately our personal power is in how effectively we can attract essential data that enables our creativity and supports harmonious coexistence with others and within our environment.

Moving On…

Our next chapter, Divine Divisions, elucidates additional symmetries which will take us another step toward mastering our Subjective minds and appreciating our Objective bodies.