Valuing Insight as Much as Eyesight

Driven by my philosophical questions, I began valuing my insight as much as my eyesight. As my intuitive capacity has developed, more and more insights regarding nature, numbers, patterns, proportions, coordination, and hierarchy have crossed the threshold into my conscious awareness. As if piecing together a picture puzzle without the box-top image as a goal, I have followed the intuitive process with determined curiosity.

Between dreaming and sleeping most mornings, patterns and images appear on a “chalkboard” in my mind, apparently driven by my intense questioning. I make notes, draw pictures, and write out mathematical formulations that come into my awareness in this fashion. At one point, when a mathematical formula was revealed for which I had no comprehension, I wrote it down and hired an algebra tutor so I could grasp its meaning. As it turned out, that mathematical formula offered a profound confirmation of a previous insight whose depth I had not yet fully fathomed.

Throughout the years, my lucid dreams have led me to supplemental readings and research.  The word ‘philosophy’ means love of knowledge. Truly, in that sense of the word, all of us who love knowledge are philosophers, myself included. As if home-schooled by library angels, I have read hundreds of books on such subjects as holistic health and healing; histories of science, mathematics and sacred geometry; psychology and sociology; ecology and politics; religion and spirituality; ancient wisdom and new science; process philosophy and information theory; even space-time dimensions and gravity. Each book has either confirmed, sharpened, or expanded upon the patterns and concepts intuited in my meditations. Some of these books have been written in such a fashion that they render their important revelations accessible to only an elite group of intellects. Hungry enough for understanding, I have been willing to plod through several such books, sometimes more than once. For the understanding I eventually gleaned, I am glad to have persisted; however, I give my special gratitude to those authors in all fields who expect ordinary people, besides academicians, to have deep and broad interests, and who, therefore, write so that careful readers can understand and benefit from their expertise. By interpreting specialized jargon as they go along, my favorite authors have expanded my vocabulary, and have illuminated concepts that would otherwise remain obscure.

Writing about my “puzzle” is a way for me to share a broad range of insights that have been revealed to me through my morning meditations. I relate my intuited insights to common knowledge as often as possible to demystify them and make them more comprehensible and practically applicable for readers. Quotes from ancient wisdom texts and up-to-the-minute science writings are included whenever doing so can deepen understanding, link knowledge bases, and/or develop a fresh coherence between heretofore unrelated concepts. This account of my decades long process remains a work in progress, a living document that will be updated, even long after the last chapters are finished.

As a final note, I must say that it is more important to me to be truthful than to be factual, meaning that I make no claims about my credentials for writing a “factual” piece. I am merely representing truthfully what has come into my consciousness. You may find my writing more or less like an abstract painting. You may or may not resonate with it and you are free to interpret it as you please. Simply put, I am offering for your consideration what I have “remembered” by asking focused questions and waiting expectantly for answers to reveal themselves to my active consciousness. As you read, you will make your own account of what is presented here.

May pondering my “puzzle” lift your spirit, encourage your creativity, and inspire you to follow your own intuition!