Vocabulary: Equilibrium vs. Quiescence

According to scientists, dynamical systems organize themselves to remain far from equilibrium.

In Quadernity there are two different places of immobility:

  • In the momentary Transition, the Female transfers/Pushes something to Male who receives/Pulls it.  Transition occurs at the point of equilibrium between opposite forces (Push and Pull).
  • During Rest, NEITHER the Female nor the Male are active or moving.  Rest is quiescence.

Equilibrium and quiescence are not synonymous.

Equilibrium is a transient point of immobility, such as what periodically happens when the two children are horizontally balanced.

Rest is like the permanently immobile fulcrum of a seesaw.

What is being avoided by dynamical systems is permanent immobility (where no actions occur), rather than transient immobility (where opposite actions briefly negate each other).  We all avoid non-existence, death, dormancy, termination of power/differential/gradient.

Permanent quiescence is the ground state of the dynamic, the alpha and omega of activity.  In the dynamic system, the Female and Male are causal agents who, when roused from their Rest states, each initiate a trio of actions (Pull * Transition * Push), only to return to Rest when all is said and done.

In Quadernity, Female and Male partners oscillate between potential and productive states; one partner Transitions into productivity while the other Rests in its potentiality, and vice versa.  The Transition of the Male carries the Female across the threshold of Her Rest; in return, the Transition of the Female carries the Male across the threshold of His Rest.  In this way neither fall permanently into Rest, in which case the dynamic action would cease.  Were it not for the Transition between the Female and Male causal Subjects no dynamical system could exist, much less persist.

Dynamical systems pass repeatedly through both quiescence and equilibrium.  BOTH the Female and the Male are active, though equally opposed, in equilibrium.  NEITHER the Female nor the Male are active in the ultimate quiescence.

Our individual lives emerge from the womb of our mother and, at death, we are put in a tomb and prayerfully presumed to meet our Father, who art in Heaven.

It seems as if we are Pushed into our Earthly existence by the Mother of Corporeality and eventually Pulled toward a Heavenly experience by the Father-Spirit of Consciousness.  This is reasonable from our perspective.  However, zooming out to a greater perspective, Quadernity reveals that we live our lives in the Transition between birth/descension from the Ground of ECP and death/ascension back to the Ground of ECP.

ECP is the Universal genderless Ground in which Mother and Father are together mingled-in.  In Quadernity, the universality of the transcendent Ground State/ECP, from whom everything has come and to whom all will eventually return, is seen as the metaphysical, Private Nighttime Relationship of the Mother and Father, depicted in the upper quadrants of the chalkboard model and in the outside-space (the Rest/indeterminate/transcendent realm) of the Pragmatic Schematic, both of which illustrate the dynamism of any entity/system, regardless of scale.

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