Vocabulary: Entity/System or E/S

Nothing is isolated; every entity is in relationship with something else.

From the minimal standpoint, we can imagine some content is contained within a context, as an object exists within an environment.  If an object finds itself in a hostile environment, it would not survive for long.

Every enduring entity is involved in an environment that sustains/resources it.  The fortunate entity and its environment interact in a mutually beneficial way, creating an ecology of sorts.

From the maximal standpoint, we imagine our universe, which comprises countless ecological systems, and recognize that it must, itself, exist within an overarching environment from which its entire complex derives resources for persistence.  This environment would necessarily transcend and encompass our familiar three-dimensional spatial environment.  We may demur at this suggestion; however, if there is nothing beyond our universe, from whence did it come?  And from what does it resource itself?  If you say God, then we shall agree that the Eternal Comprehensive Perfection is the transcendent dimension that nourishes and perpetuates our universe, making possible all 3D entity/systems downline.

In every E/S, regardless of scale, there is a dynamic interplay between contiguous dimensions,  one of which is more condensed and exclusive (think: physical) and the other is more ethereal and inclusive (think: metaphysical).

On each of these paired dimensions, a primal subject acts causally to select an object from His/Her partner.  With this seed, the subject forms His/Her own object and delivers it to the opposite dimension for possible selection by the other subject.

The two partners are engaged across two dimensions, forming a feedback loop that sustains and resources them both.  Thus, the couple manages entropic dissipation.  Moreover, protected E/S’s may form hierarchies to allow their feedback to complexify and form redundant protections.

As we are, ourselves, an E/S, we engage in many such hierarchies.  We typically involve ourselves with the kinds of E/S’s that protect our bodies, preserve our livelihoods, satisfy our urges, and support our mindsets.

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