Vocabulary: Feedback of INformation and OUTformation

In Quadernity, entwined inverse processes are enacted by archetypal Male and Female partners.  A dynamical feedback system between the Male‘s INformation and Female‘s OUTformation is fundamentally required for there to be a functional continuity of conscious corporeality.


We are using the noun ‘INformation’ to identify a process.  Just as breathing transcends and includes individual breaths, the process of INformation transcends and includes all acts of Knowing, or INforming; therefore, INformation is not to be confused with the word’s more common usage, which denotes bits of data.  Data, as passive Objects, cannot actively INform.  The action verb, INforming, as we will use it in Quadernity, involves a Conscious Observer (Male Subject), who encounters physical stimuli/data (Female Objects).

As the Subject interprets the stimulus, an interference pattern forms between the observer’s own altered frequency/signal and that of the original stimulus.  Reflecting the effect of the abstracted meaning, the combined emanation is recorded as a metaphysical Object in the realm known as ‘the Heavens’ or ‘the Akashic Records’.

Moreover, the physical stimuli, constrained as it is by the Pattern assigned to it, crystallizes in the Earthly realm, where, thus OUTformed, it becomes potentially INformative/significant to additional Observers.


The word ‘OUTformation’ was coined to mean the entire process (all the agents, actions, and products) involved in bringing something into its physical existence.  Whereas INformation produces metaphysical patterns in consciousness, OUTformation produces physical matter in space.  Physical matter-in-space/stimuli (Female Objects) are passive; they take no actions on their own.  OUTformation is the process in which OUTforming of such passive Objects occurs.  The administrator of OUTformation is the Female Subject.

As the book of Genesis in the Bible opens, it says: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  As the Subjective Observer, He achieves both objectives; however, the conscious-Observer/administrator-of-INformation/Father-God can neither INform the Heavens, nor OUTform the Earthly domain, without the original physical stimuli provided by His companion, the MotherShe is called “the waters” in the Rig Veda from India, in the Enuma Elish from Mesopotamia, and again in Genesis, of our modern-day Bible.  She has also been referred to as the void, the darkness, and chaos.  The Tao te Ching of ancient China says the Tao that can be named is not the Tao.  The Tao is incomprehensible; it is the raw, pre-Patterned/pre-seeded/pre-structured Substance.

Scientists today witness virtual particles emerging, without due provocation, from an inexplicable field of omnipotence.  The unnameable Tao, the ‘uncaused-cause’, from which particles come fleetingly is what scientists dare call the Zero Point Field.  By any other name, She is still Mother, and nothing comes except through Her.

OUTforming and Creating are essentially the same actions; however, OUTformation and Creation are not precisely synonymous.  Creation is most often understood in scripture as the entirety of that which has already been Created.  In this body of work, to keep things clear, we will use the words ‘Created’ or ‘OUTformed’ for what has already come into existence; and we will use the word ‘OUTformation’ to mean the dynamical process by which the myriad Created/OUTformed Beings continually come about, and appear as a persistent conglomerations due to internal feedback within the wonderful workings of Quadernity.

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